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What style of beer is our 10 degrees of separation? What is the ABV? What special ingredient is it brewed with?

Brown Ale, 5.5%, Molasses

Where is our lamb sourced from? In addition to the chops what other protein is on the dish?

Carlson farms, Lamb sausage

What size kegs do we offer retail? What is the process to sell one? What about to take an empty keg back?

1/6 and 1/2 barrels, 48 hour notice, Date keg return in book

What is our number one priority at L42?

providing great service

What sauce is used in our seafood pasta? What vegetables and proteins are also used in the dish?

White wine

Spinach, tomatos, shrimp, calamari

How much is it to add smoked salmon to a pizza? What is the new wing sauce option?

$4, sweet chili

How much would a premium howler refill be? What are two beers that fall in this category?

$8, I.P.Eh and Lucifers

What are the ingredients in the Thai Salad

Arugula, spring mix, green apples, toasted peanuts, sesame citrus vinaigrette

Name and describe our new protein additions to the chop block

Hanger steak- around the neck area of the cow, tender, recommended to be cooked at medium

Lamb chops- 3 portions of lamb served, from Carlson Farms,

Pork chops- BBQ glaze

What is a Johnny Cake?

Cornbread Starch

Name 6 hop forward beers we have on tap

Melonhead, Moontower, Spank Dog, I.P.Eh, Red Beard's, Flavor Savor

Name three upsetting opportunities in our restaurant

dessert, appetizers, retail

What is in the Salmon Cakes? How about the Salmon Burgers? Prices?

Scottish Salmon, red and green peppers, panko, cilantro, lemon chipotle aioli, shallots.

Cakes and Burgers are the same

Cakes- $10 Burgers- $12

What was removed from the black bean burger? Price?

Edamame and mushrooms


What is the current ABV on our Glen's Best Bitter? What is the style?

5.4% and ESB

What is our new dessert option

Lemon Crostata or Adult dirt cup

What type of fruit is in the Lilikoi Wheat? Is it a seasonal beer? What is the ABV?

Passionfruit, It is seasonal, 4.8%

Name 2 unfiltered beers we have on tap

Spank Dog, Lilikoi

What is in our Spinach and Feta dip? Price?

Spinach, Feta, red chili pepper flakes, garlic, shallots, mozz, toasted foccacia

Describe our new fried chicken, Price?

very tender, thin coat of breading, comes with mac and cheese, cornbread, and market vegetable. $16

What new options were added to the Mac and Cheese? Prices?

Salmon - $4

Sundried Tomatos - $2

Carmelized Onions - $2

Name and describe two vegetarian items on our menu

Thai Salad, Truffle fries (asiago, white truffle oil, lemon garlic aioli, parsley)

What is in the smashed potatoes?

Bacon, cheddar cheese, scallions, sour cream

What style of beer is the Lucifers Cuvee? ABV? Where is the chocolate sourced?

Double chocolate rye stout, 8.4, Rouge brewing Co.

Describe the flavor profile of Melon Head. What is the hop strain? Where do the hops come from and ABV?

Very hoppy with citrus and grapefruit, melon hops from hophead farms and 6%

Where does seat 1 start on all of our tables

Top left corner

Please describe our White Sassy Sangria? Price?

Pinot Grigio, orange, apple, lime, and pineapple juice and a splash of soda water. $5

What type of green tea do we feature?

China mist - peach, jasmine

Where is our wine sourced from? Where is the vineyard located

Fenn Valley, Fennville

What is tomatillo salsa? Where is it utilized on the menu?

green tomato salsa, chicken tacos and chip dip trio

Name two gluten free AVAILABLE options on our menu

Jambalaya, L42 salad

Where do we source our Pork Chop from? What is it served with

Carlson farms, choice of starch and vegetable of the day

What is our salmon served with? What is the sauce?

spinach, cherry tomatoes, black bean and corn succotash. Hickory glaze

What starches are offered on the chop block?

house fries, truffle fries, sweet potato fries, johnny cakes, loaded smashed

What is on our Mustang Burger? Price?

Cheddar cheese, bacon, BBQ, tomato, lettuce, haystack onions. $9

What items are on the Huskie Pie?

ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon

What is Ponzu Sauce?

soy sauce, white wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, shallots, lime juice

What sauces is the calamari served with?

chipotle aioli, marinar

What main food groups are offered on our limited patio menu?

salads, pizzas, small plates, desserts, soups

What is a hangar steak? What is the price? How many OZ.

Very tender, thin cut tenderloin, $19, 8 OZ

Were are we to park at throughout the week after 5 pm?

by the barn/brewery

What tables are in our family zone?


What is our phone number?

(269) 459-4242

What states do we distribute our beer in

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois