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Vincent of Beauvais

Dominican Friar. Wrote the "Speculum Majus"

This work represents the 4 elements of Gothic art/architecture

William Durandus

Wrote the "Rationale Divinorum"

Thomas Aquinas

Live in middle of 13th century. Wrote the "Summa Theologica." Referred extensively to Aristotle. Explained Christian religion using logic.

Abbot Suger

Lived in 11th century. Wrote extensively of St. Denis in France

Villard de Honnecourt

Wrote the "Livre de Portraiture," which was a sketchbook of many of the famous sculptures and churches of Europe. Included is the "Leaf man" (remember that for final exam).

Theophilus Presbyter

Possibly a benedictine monk. Wrote the "De diversis artibus" which is divided into 3 sections.

1. The Materials and Art of Painting

2. GLASS and stained glass windows

3. Metalwork