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rupes, is (f)
rocks, cliffs caverns
furtivus, a, um
stolen, purloined, pilfered
pellicula, ae
small skin, little hide
ornus, i (f)
wild mountain ash, lance made from such
ferula, ae
staff, cane
si uacat
if there is time
edo, ere
to give out, divulge, put forth, bring forth
vēnābulum ī, n
tondeō totondī, tōnsus, ēre
to shear, clip, crop, shave
ventĭlo , āvi, ātum, 1
to toss, swing, brandish in the air => shows off
causidicus, i:
lawyer, pleader of causes
delator, -oris (m)
snitch, tattler, informant
palpo, (1)
sooth, soften; stroke, caress
push out of the way
mereor, eri, itus
receive, procure; deserve
vesica, ae
slang for vagina, pussy; actual: bladder
uncial, ae
a mere or paltry 12th (12 parts)
heres, edis (m)
calx, calcis (m)
heel, foot
anguis, is
pupillus, -i
an orphan, ward, minor under the care of a guardian
prostitute one's self
faber, -bri (m)
leno, lenonis (m)
pimp; here: “pimping husband”
lacunar, -aris (n)
ceiling panel, ceiling
calyx, -cis (m)
a cup, goblet, drinking vessel
praesaepe, is (n)
an enclosure, stable, stall, fold, pen
census, us (m)
tax appraisement, i.e. the wealth of his ancestors
cathedra, ae
seat in a litter, seat furnished with cushions for women
signator, oris (m)
one who attests, witness
exiguus, a, um
little, petty, short, poor, mean, inadequate, paltry
rubeta, ae
a toad (they are believed to be poison => here: “poison”)
propinquus adj.
near, nigh, neighboring; subst: neighbor
instituo (3), ui, utum:
prepare, teach, establish
maritus, -i
algeo, (2), algesi
be cold; left in the cold
praetōrium ī, n
Plur, a palace, mansion; general's tent; governor's residence
stantem extrapocula caprum
goblets with embossed goats
nurus, us
daughter in law
sponsa, ae
praetextatus, a, um
wearing the toga praetexta (under 17 yrs old); here: “teenage”
călĕo , ui, 2
to be warm, be hot, glow, grow warm
mas, maris(m)
farrāgo , ĭnis, (f)
hustle & bustle
uber, ubera, uberum
wealthy, rich
alea , ae
a dice game, gambling;
lŏcŭlus , i, m. dim. [locus]:
here: purse, wallet
one who bears arms
ferculum, -i
trays, courses of a meal
sportula, ae
little basket; here: “dole, handout”
sup-pōno (subp- ), pŏsŭi, pŏsĭtum, 3:
place under; here: To substitute falsely or fraudulently, to falsify, forge, counterfeit
agnosco, ere, ui, itum:
recognize; here:”once recognized, you’ll receive your $$ (little basket/dole)”
praeco, -nis (m)
purpura maior
the broad purple stripe
conductas ouis
leased sheep
funestus, a, um
causing death, deadly, fatal, destructive, pernicious,
nidus, i
a nest
fūmus ī, m
here: firewood; smoke, steam
centum quadrantes
“the hundred coin handout” standard amount of the sportula
callidus, a, um
practised, shrewd, expert, experienced, adroit, skilful, i
sella, ae
seat, settle, chair, stool
dī-mittō mīsī, missus, ere,

send out, send forth, send about, scatter

deal with us
perītus adj
experienced, practised, trained, skilled, skilful, expert
triumphal statues
to piss (sed etiam cacere)
vestibulum, -i
porch, area immediately outside the front door where the clients wait
caulis, caulis (m)
cabbage (N)
gula, -ae
amictus, amictus
turgidus, a, um
stuffed, swollen, inflated, distended,
intestatus, a, um
who has made no will, intestate
pavo, pavonis (m)
pandō pandī, passus, ere
to spread out, extend, unfold, expand
aconitum, -i
poison, wolf’s bane
pensĭlis , e, adj.
I. hanging, hanging down, pendent, pensile
compesco (3):
hold in check, repress, curb, restrain
ēnsis is, m
a two-edged sword, brand, glaive
long hence, too late
paenĭtĕo (less correctly poen- ), ui
to repent, be sorry