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jura rerum
rights of things
jure divino
by divine right
jure uxoris
in his wife's right
law; right; laws collectively
jus ad rem
a right to a thing
jus commune
the common law, the common right
jus gentium
the law of nations; international law
just habendi
the right to have a thing
jus tertii
the right of a third party; the rights of another person
levari facias
cause to be levied, a writ of execution
lex loci
law of the place where the cause of action arose
lis pendens
litigation pending; as in a lis pendens filed with real estate records to notify the world that the real estate is involved in litigation
locus delicti
the place of the crime or of the tort
locus sigilli
the place for the seal
mala fides
bad faith
mala in se
wrong in itself, an act which is morally wrong
mala praxis
mala prohibita
acts declared as criminal by statute (failure to file a report), though not wrong in themselves (theft)
malo animo
with evil intent
we command, a writ used to compel an official to perform an act which she is required to perform
manu forti
with a strong hand, forcible entry
mens rea
guilty mind, most crimes require the element of intent
nihil dicit
he says nothing, as in a default judgment against a defendant who does not raise a defense in the action
nothing; of no account
nil debet
he owes nothing
nisi prius
unless before (used to distinguish the court where trial was held from the appellate court)
nolle prosequi
unwilling to prosecute (a crime), prosecutor's discretion not to file charges in a particular case
nolo contendere
I will not contest it
non assumpsit
plea in defense; that he did not promise
non compos mentis
not of sound mind
non est factum
it is not his deed
non obstante
non sequitur
it does not follow
nota bene
note well; take notice
nudum pactum
nude pact, bare agreement which lacts the consideration to form a valid contract
nul tort
no wrong done
nulla bona
no goods (wording used on the return of a writ fieri facias)
nunc pro tunc
now for then, as in an order to correct clerical error in a previous order
obiter dictum
remark which is not central to the main issue
onus probandi
the burden of proof
work, labor
ore tenus
by word of mouth, orally.