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Differentiate the three levels of illness prevention and apply each to clinical situations
PRIMARY - avoid or delay illness/injury occurrence.
Ex - seat belts
SECONDARY - early detection
Ex - Pap smear
TERTIARY - rehabilitation; goal is to return to best possible function and prevent severe disabilities.
Sensory-Security =
This is the sum of the processes utilized to attain and maintain optimal health in adapting to the changing environment.

What are the eight core components of the nursing program?
1- Professional Behaviors
2- Communication
3- Assessment
4- Clinical Decision Making
5- Caring Interventions
6- Teaching and Learning
7- Collaboration
8- Managing Care
Self-Concept =
the sum of the processes by which the individual maintains physical, personal, and interpersonal self in relation to the environment.

List the Steps of the EVALUATION stage
1 - Determine goal/outcome
2 - Assess pt. for that expected behavior
3 - Compare goal with exact pt. response
4 - Judge degree to which the goal has been reached
Oxygenation-Circulation =
sum of the processes by which oxygen is delivered to, utilized by and removed from the body cells. It enables body function and is affected by environmental factors.
Define Values
Concepts, ideas, behaviors, and significant themes that give meaning to a person's life.
Nutrition-Metabolic =
This is the sum of the processes through which requirements for growth are supplied, utilized and eliminated to maintain the internal environment.

List three things to do after the Nursing Dx
* Goals need to be set
* Nurse and patient set goals
* Include patient
Health State of Individual (Page 4, Figure 1-3). Areas to consider...
Geographic Location
Standard of Living
Health Belief/Practices
Previous Health Experience
Support Systems (formal and informal)

What is the most effective medical aseptic practice?
Define Morals
standards of rights and wrongs that are often based on religious belief.

List the three Degrees of Attainment
1 - Met
2 - Partially met
3 - Not met
What is an advance directive?
written document that allows the patient to make legal decisions about treatment
List five steps of the IMPLEMENTATION process?
1 - Reassess the patient
2 - Review and revise care plan
3 - Organize (equipment/personnel)
4 - Prepare (environment/patient and family)
5 - Anticipate and prevent complications
False Imprisonment
Pertinently, holding someone against thier will
Questions to consider during the PLANNING stage
1 - What problems need immediate attention?
2 - What problems have simple solutions?
3 - What problems must be referred?
4 - What problems must be recorded on the POC?
Define Gross Negligence
intentional failure to perform a duty in reckless disregard of consequences to the patient.
What is a "Standing Order"?
What is "Protocol"?
Standing Order - dictates a situation and prescribes a standardized intervention.

Protocol - a written plan specifying the procedures to be followed during an assessment or when providing treatment for a specific condition.
Define Laws
rules of conduct that protect the social (society) fabric.
Objective data are obvious, measurable; can be seen, heard, and manipulated. By contrast SUBJECTIVE data tends to be more _________, __________, or ____________.
Define Criminal Negligence
Flagrant and reckless disregard for the safety of others and/or disregard to possible injury.
The 5 assesments
1.communication skills
2.observation skills
3.assesment skills- BP, T,R,P, AUSCULTION,PALPATION
4.knowing cues vs inference
5.validate impressions
What are three components of the Nursing Assessment?
1 - Data collection

2 - Data validation

3 - Data documentation

"If you didn't chart it, you didn't do it."
List 5 roles of the nurse.
Member of Profession
Nursing Dx vs. Doctor Dx
Doctor Dx -
1 - Identifies disease
2 - Treatment of disease
3 - Cure of disease
1 - Nurse states patient's actual or potential response to disease/disorder
2 - Develop plan of care to adapt to changes from health problems
During PLANNING the nurse does what?
Sets goals; considers desired outcome and identifies appropriate nursing actions
____________ patient _________.
"The nursing process is..."
(three things)
Comprehensive (thorough, ongoing, plans may change to adapt to changing needs)
What occurs during the INTERVENTION/IMPLEMENTATION stage of the Nursing Process?
Perform the identified nursing actions.
Purpose of 5 step nursing process.
1 - Establish patient's BASE data
2 - Identify patient's health care needs
3 - Determine priorities of care, goals and expected outcomes
4 - Establishing a nursing care plan
During the EVALUATION stage what happens?
Determine if the goals has been met and if anticipated outcomes have been achieved.
List 4 aspects of critical thinking
Planning includes (6)
1-Goal Setting/Patient priorities
2-Selecting interventions to achieve patient goals
3-Documenting care plan
4-Consultation with healthcare team
5-Modification of care
6-Recording info about the patient
(During) ASSESSMENT (we evaluate what?)
Evaluate patient's condition
OBJECTIVE data is informatin that is __________ and ___________.
Patient's problem
Define "Optimal Health"
the best level of attainable well-being for a given individual.
Nursing Diagnosis/Problem Diagnostic Statement
1 - Problem
2 - Etiology
Think Maslow when Prioritizing...
1 - Look for most life threatening
2 - Then problems that interfere normal function/quality of life
3 - Then patient preferences
Three characteristics of the Nursing Dx...
1 - Clear picture of patient problems

2 - Patient response to illness

3 - Distinguishes nurses role vs. doctor's role
What is "Holistic Health"?
Health approach that considers the body, mind, and spirit to be interrelated.
List three types of nursing orders (interventions)
1-Interdependent = carried out by nurse in collaboration with another healthcare professional (protocol)
2-Dependent = Based on written order of another professional
3-Independent = You are able to perform as covered by licensure and law
Four advantages of Nursing Dx
1-Efficient care
2 - Actions within standards of nursing practice
3 - Individualized patient care
4 - Goal directed care
Nursing Dx
- Acutal Nursing Diagnosis
* Three Part Statement
* Contains P E S
* Uses
- Risk Nursing Diagnosis
* Two part
* contains P E
* Uses
Define "illness"
A separation from health.
Define "illness"
A separation from health.
List limitations of Nursing Dx (2)
1 - May become "wordy"

2 - May label patient incorrectly
Interventions must be related to the nursing ______?
Patient Goals and Outcome Criteria
- are long or short term
- have measurable verbs
- must be specific in content and time
- must be attainable/realistic
- are the "P"
- Include behavior, criteria, time, and condition
Define "Health"
Condition that allows for the pursuit and enjoyment of desired cultural values; absence of symptoms; level of wellness; not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
List the component parts of the three, two, and one part Diagnostic Statement.
State the Diagnostic Statement formula
P r/t E aeb S/S