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What will you do today?
I will ride my bike today.
The fat cat sat.
How now brown cow.
There is one for each of us.
She said that will be fun.
How will you do that?
I may not do it.
Did you have a good day?
Yes, I had a good day.
Will you write to me?
After I get up.
I would like some more.
Come and get them if you want them.
How are you?
I am good.
Has she been good?
Yes, she has been good.
Can you see me?
Yes, I can see you.
How many are there?
There are two more.
This is long.
Yes it is.
Will you write to me?
Yes, I will write to you.
Did you see him?
I did not see him.
Do you have them all?
I have all but one of them.
Were you good today?
Yes I was good today.
Can you run?
Yes I can run fast.
Can you see about that?
She said it first.
Is there any more?
How much do you want?
How long is that?
It is very long.