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when a guest orders a garden salad ask them

ranch, blue cheese or vinaigrette

grilled shrimp comes with

arrabiata sauce

a guest orders calamari ask them

grilled or fried?

guest orders mussels ask them

red or white whine sauce?

when a guest orders capallini primavera ask them

cream or marinara sauce

when a guest orders gnocci

ask them what kind of sauce

when a guest orders an eggplant parmesean ask them

vegetables or pasta?

when a guest orders spaghetti pollaio ask them

garlic and olive oil or cream sauce

gluten free


whole wheat

spaghetti and penne

a side of pasta is

2 dollars off the regular price and about half the size of a regular portion

all chicken come with a side of

pasta or vegetables

chicken giordino comes served

over linguini

all veal comes with a side of

pasta or vegetables

veal spinaca comes served over


veal ossobuco comes with

rissoto or linguini

when a guest orders any fish ask them

Piccatta, romano or garlic and olive oil, side of pasta or vegetables

if a guest orders cioppino linguini with clams or fettucini calamari ask them

marinara, white whine or arribiata sauce

10" pizzas have how many slices

6 slices

14" & 16" inch pizzas have

8 slices

gluten free pizza only

comes in 10 inches

what are all the desserts?

tirmasu, chocolate chip canoli, cheesecake, assortment of tartufos, spumoni

to make cheesecake add

strawberry & chocolate syrup on the side, powdered sugar on top

to make tartufo add

chocolate syrup and powdered sugar

to make spumoni add

chocolate syrup and powdered sugar

a side of meatballs costs

$4.95 (4 meatballs)

to add chicken to a dish costs


to add fish (shrimp/ salmon) costs