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What is a good or service owed to another?
In what regions did the English settle?
Coastal Plain and Piedmont
What effect did the sucess of tobacco have on the people from Africa?
Large numbers of the people were brought to Virginia against their will and forced to work as slaves.
What is the trading of goods and services without the use of money?
Why did the African-Americans settle primarily in the Coastal Plain and Tidewater regions?
The regions were used for agriculture, requiring a great deal of labor.
In what area of Virginia did the Scotch-Irish and Germans settle?
Shenandoah Valley
What is money?
A medium of exchange
( currency, which include coins and paper bills.)
What is buying a good or service now and paying for it later?
What is a burgess?
A citizen representative chosen to serve in the General Assembly
Why was the capital moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg?
Jamestown had burned twice; Williamsburg was at a higher elevation(not swampy)
What are natural resources?
Air, water, soil, wood, coal sun
What is the name of the first elected legislative body in the colony and in North America?
The Virginia House of Burgesses
What is a cash crop?
A crop that is grown to sell for money rather than for use by the growers
What form of exchange for goods was used in the colony?
What are capital resources?
Goods made by people and used to to produce other goods and services
What is a consumer?
A person who uses goods and services