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Who issued a charter authorizing the settlement of Jamestown?
King James 1
How were the settlers able to survive?
The settlers learned to use the rich soil of the Coastal Plain to farm and raise livestock.
Which explorer is credited for the beginning of the first permanent settlement at Jamestown
Captain John Smith
When was Jamestown settled?
What did the Third Charter of the Virginia Company of London authorize?
It extended English rights to the colonists.
What hardships did the Jamestown setters face?
Lack of fresh drinking water, lack of skills necessary to survive in a wilderness
Who was Jamestown and the James River named for?
King James 1 of England
How did Captain John Smith help Jamestown to survive?
By trading with the Powhatans for corn, by forcing a work program
What are the names of the three ships that brought the first settlers to Jamestown?
The Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery
What group of investors settled Jamestown as an economic venture?
The Virginia Company of London
Why did the Jamestown settlers come to Virginia?
To find gold
To convert the Indians to Christianity
To produce goods not available in England
What did the Second Charter of the Virginia Company of London authorize?
It allowed a representative government, and it allowed two colonies in the New World, Jamestown and the Citie Henricus
Why did the Virginia Company of London establish the Jamestown Colony?
To increase England's wealth and power
What did the First Charter of the Virginia Company of London authorize?
It authorized the establishment of colonies in North America.
Why did the Powhatan people distrust the settlers?
The Powhatan people realized that the settlers were beginning to take over their lands.
Where did the settlers build the Jamestown fort?
On the James River
Which explorer is credited for bringing the first settlers to Virginia and choosing the Jamestown site?
Captain Christopher Newport
Who was Powhatan's favorite daughter?
How did the Powhatan Indians the English settlers first interact?
The Powhatans traded food, furs, and leather for English tools, pots, and weapons.
How did the Powhatan people help the Jamestown setters to survive?
The Powhatans taught the English how to plant corn and tobacco.
How did Pocahontas help the survival of the settlers?
She began a friendship with the colonists; she believed the English and Indians could live in harmony.
What were the disadvantages of the Jamestown site?
Low and swampy, making it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
Why did the settlers choose the site at Jamestown?
Defense against the Spanish and the Indians,
A good harbor, a food supply of drinking water