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rider who wishes to feel the equine back should ride

a english saddle because it offers a closer contact with the horse

During dismounting, a rider can safely get off the equine and check their left foot to make

swinging right foot over equine hip and putting ones stomach in the saddle seat

Stirrups should be shortened to a length that is less than normal when riders

when jumping

general rule for proper stirrup adjustment is that the stirrup should be adjusted to hang

1 in past the riders ankle

By keeping the ball of the foot on the stirrup treads, the rider

absorbe the shock of the ride

uring mounting of the equine, if the reins are pulled toward the rider, it

makes the horse walk in a circle if the equine walks during mounting

To avoid unnecessary falls from equine during riding, a rider should always recheck

how tight the saddle is cinched before riding

Proper hand position during riding is important because the rider

lack of self confidence to the equine mouth

Bouncing in the saddle tires the equine and rider, but can largely be eliminated if the rider:

flexes their ankle to absorbe some of the shock

It is always BEST to keep the slack out of the reins while dismounting because the:

rider maintains better control over the equine

What three gaits are performed in a western pleasure class?

walk, trot, canter

What gaits are horses judged at in a hunter under saddle class?

trotting, running, jogging

What does structuralcorrectness refer to?

how good of stance the equine has

Which gait is useful for determining if a horse is lame?


Describe the ears of an equine with good conformation.

ears pointed straight up forward