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What are the key words of Availability?
Designs, implements, monitors and optimizes
sustained levels availability.
What is the mission of Availability Management?
To design, implement, monitor and optimize the
IT infrastructure and deliver sustained levels of availability.
Describe the Availability Process and each of their outputs, the “itils” of availability?
Reliability – The resilience design.
Recoverability – Recovery from failure.
Maintainability – Operational level agreement.
Serviceability – Third-party vendors support.
Security – Confidentiality, integrity, availability
What are the three guiding principles for Availability?
“Availability is at the core of customer and end-user satisfaction.”
“Recognizing that when things go wrong, it is still possible to achieve customer and end-user satisfaction.”
“Improving availability can only begin after understanding how IT services supports the business.”
What is the basic service availability calculation?
Availability = (AST-DT/AST) x 100 = Percentage of Service Availability
AST = Agreed Service Time
DT = Down Time
In the Availability process for security, what is CIA?
Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (Access)
What three techniques are used for identifying the impact of failure?
CIFA – Component Impact Failure Analysis
FTA – Fault Tree Analysis
CRAMM – Component Risk Analysis and Management Methodology
What are some of the benefits of Availability Management?
• Availability levels are:
• Determined for maximum benefit.
• Approved by all concerned parties.
• Monitored, measured, and fully supported.
• The IT infrastructure is designed and built to documented standards and components.
• Removes single points of failure, which reduce potential major outages.
• Develops recovery processes that are effective and timely and therefore reduces the length of outages.