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What are the key words for problem management?
Stabilization, root cause, eradicate
What is the mission?
To stabilize the IT infrastructure by discovering and eradicating the root cause of problems and in doing so reduce the number of incidents
What are some of the key benefits for problem management?
Improves IT service quality by stabilizing the infrastructure.
Reduces incident volume levels.
Achieves permanent solutions.
Improves by learning from past experiences.
Improves first-time fix rates at the Service Desk. Reduces
crisis management.
What is a known error?
A problem for which a work-around or solution exists.
What two processes make up problem management?
Problem control
Error Control
What is the responsibility of problem control?
Root cause analysis, diagnosis, workaround or solution.
What is the responsibility of error control?
Error analysis, justification (feasibility and cost) for eradication
When is an incident not a problem?
When the root cause is known and a solution or workaround exists.