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What are the key words for the Service Desk
Single point of control.
What is the mission?
To manage the SLA and en- user entitlements.
It is the single point of contact for customers and end users.
What type the service desks are there?
Local, central, virtual, global
What is the difference between a help desk and a service desk?
The help desk does not have significant authority to resolve incidents, where as a service desk is responsible for tracking, monitoring and resolving the incidents.
What are some of the performance indicators for the Service Desk?
• Telephone pick-up times.
• Telephone talk times.
• Managing urgent requests.
• Managing service breaches.
• Number of incidents closed without onward referral.
What are some of the key benefits of a Service Desk?
• Manages the SLA.
• Drives end-user satisfaction.
• Assists in the identification of business opportunities.
• Supports integration and management across
organization boundaries.
• Ensures long term customer retention and satisfaction