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What is a 'hammock'?
A task or activity with an extremely long duration
What documentation component is included in the project book after the project is finished?
lessons learned
What component of the scope will most likely affect decisions such as whether to include management in review and buy-in, and implementing a robust change-management system?
the project size
What document needs to be included in a project plan if outside vendors are being used?
a Statement of Work (SOW)
In what phase does most risk assessment take place?
Who is responsible for creating the original completion criteria?
the customer
What are the three elements of work?
tasks, activities, and phases
In which document are the PM's duties and powers detailed?
scope document
What are the two different types of estimating?
time and cost estimating
What are the four sections of a requirements document?
requirements description, list of deliverables, timetables, and requirements sign-off
What risks are the most important to identify?
risks to tasks on the critical path
What is the most important element of the scope document?
project sponsor sign-off
If relevant management is involved in review and approval of deliverables, which element of the scope is most likely to need adjustment?
the schedule
Why is it important that change-management requirements be set?
to prevent scope creep
How should change-management be handled when the PM is absent?
a trusted lieutenant should manage the change-control process
What two types of criteria are alluded to in the scope document?
success and completion criteria
What are the three elements of risk analysis?
risk identification, risk quantification, and risk response development
What scope feature can be used to control scope creep?
change-management processes
Which element of risk assessment is utilized in a later phase? What phase is it used in?
Risk response development; controlling
What does the Management Notices section of the communications document describe?
how and when management will be notified about the project
Who is responsible for creating a time estimate for a given task?
the team member the task is assigned to
What three parts does a risks document need?
description of risks, severity of risks, contingency plans
What two elements should be described for each risk identified?
likelihood risk will occur, and impact risk would have if it materialized
Who is responsible for creating a Statement of Work?
the vendor
What are the two categories of requirements?
business and functional
What is acceptance testing?
testing in which end users test deliverables in a live scenario for suitability
What element forms the building block of activities?
What is a Statement of Work (SOW)?
a document in which a vendor describes what work they will and won't perform
What concept is extremely useful for winning managerial support for a project?
ownership through direct involvement
What people are alluded to in the scope document?
customer, sponsor, and PM
What is an 'interim deliverable'?
a deliverable that forms part of a larger deliverable
What are the three types of team matrices?
part-time, full-time, and mixed matrix
What process must a project sponsor go through to make a scope change?
change-control process
Who is responsible for setting change-management requirements?
project manager
What project component is most important to individual team effectiveness?
project value
Who approves changes to a project's scope?