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This king was honored far and wide for his wisdom and the wealth of his kingdom
King Solomon
Another name for the Ten Commandments
Decalogue, Law of Moses
This king ruled Israel 40 years and led it to the peak of its greatness as a nation-state
King David
God and Israel made a covenant here
Mount Sinai
In the 500s B.C. the Southern Kingdom fell to the
established trade routes and colonies thorughout the Meditarranean world
The Phoenicians
After Solomon's death Israel split into two separate kingdoms
the Northern Kingdom, Israel, and the Southern Kingdom, Judah.
The first earthly king of Israel was
Aneighbor of israel, the Hittites lived in an area north of Canaan called
Asia Minor
The capital Hattusas was burned by
the Assyrian Empire
After Moses' death, God chose this leader
Where is Asia Minor
Between the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Euphrates River
The capital of the Hittites
A true alphabet was developed by
the Greeks
Joshua led the people across this river
Jordan River
rule by God
In the 700s B.C. the Northern kingdom fell to the