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-The act of moving information from a source to destination, layer 3

-Determining optimal path to destination

-Transporting packets across network

Routing Algorithms

Calculates optimal path effected by the following







This is the capability and criteria in selecting the optimal path


These algorithms are overhead so they must not take up to many resources of the router


This the process of agreement, by all routers, optimal paths. This process must occur quickly


They should be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstance

Static Routing

-These are mappings that the network engineer has manually coded into the routing device

-These mappings do not change unless they are manually changed

-Simple to design and work well where network design is simple


-Uses a routing table

-Path changes and routing table updates are made automatically

Single PathVs Multipath

Does the routing protocol allow for multiple paths to destination

Flat vs Hierarchical

-In a flat environment all router are all peers

-In hierarchical some routers form the backbone

-Some routers can talk to all while other routers can only talk to their specific area

Link State Vector

-Routers send their own routing information to all routers within the network

-Has faster convergence but use more resources of the router

Path Length

This calculates the cost associated with each link


The dependability of a network link

Routing Delay

The amount it takes to more a packer from source to destination


The traffic capacity of the link


Determines how busy a router is

Communication cost

The cost in dollars for moving a packet across the line

List the routing metrics that are used to determine optimal path

Path Length


Routing Delay



communication cost

Route Poisoning

once a link has failed a very large metric is used for that route

Split horizon

Routing information is never sent out the interface it was received on

Hold Down Timer

When learning that a route has failed, ignore any information about an alternative route to the subnet for a time equal to the hold down timer