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Flash Memory

Non volatile

Memory Where IOS is kept

Copies of the configuration can also be kept in space


non volatile

Maintains the configuration of the device


Volatile memory where the running configuration is kept

cpu executes IOS Software

Routing tables, ARP, and MAC table

Console Port

A terminal connection attached to a computer

Auxiliary port

Used for out-of-band access via a modern

VTY Virtual terminal line (telnet)

Access to device through telnet session

You need IP of the machine

Running configuration

The configuration that is used while the system is on

Start-up Configuration

last saved config

the configuration that is loaded onto the system when the system

Once started, the configuration becomes running configuration

User EXEC mode

Default mode for CLI and subset of available commands

Connection to remote devices, Perform basic tests, List system

Privileged EXEC Mode

Larger command list

Access to global configuration mode

Global Configuration Mode

Access to feature that affect the system

Allows the change of configuration

Access to configuration submodes

Configuration Submodes

Changes to specific areas such as interface or routing protocol configs

command to Save the Config

copy running-config startup-config