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75-year-old client needs a hearing aid. Which part of his health-care coverage would most likely pay for this device?
supplemental Medicare with a private insurance company
The hospital management wants to implement a model that encourages health-care professionals to be more committed to the organization's goals and plans. Which of the following models will support this hospital's needs?
shared governance
The city hospital is creating a type of patient-care area where the health-care workers will be cross-trained to provide care that spans more than one health-care discipline. This care delivery model is:
patient-focused care
A community hospital has merged with a larger organization in a nearby city. Since the merger, the community hospital now offers acute care in addition to adult day care and exercise classes for all ages. Which types of health-care services does the community hospital now provide?
primary and secondary
How does the increasing proportion of older adults to younger adults impact the health-care system?
Older adults have more long-term illnesses than other age groups
A major purpose of home health care is to:
maximize independent functioning
A health-maintenance organization differs from a preferred provider organization in that HMOs:
stress wellness, health promotion, and illness prevention
A client needs a low-fat, low-salt diet because of his hypertension. He should be referred to a:
Reimbursement for hospital services is made according to a classification system known as:
diagnosis-related groups
A purpose of primary health care is to:
prevent diseases