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How many differnet service sets are available in IEEE 802.11


A(n)_____consists of one or more stations that are served by a single access point

Basic service sets (BSS)

Name 3 Service that does not use an AP

1.) Ad hoc

2.) Peer-to-peer

3.) Independent Basic Service Set

A(n)_____describes a specific unit of data that has been passed down from a higher OSI layer to a lower layer but has not yet been encapsulated by the lower layer

Service Data Unit (SDU)

What is a restriction that applies to A-MPDU

All of the A-MPDU within the single A-MPDU must be addressed to the same receiver

Name 3 options for addressing difference in the frame size

1.) lowest common denominator

2.) jumbo frames

3.) fragmentation

In____made an IEEE 802.11a/b/g device will not be able to access the AP


____frames are used to set up initial communications between device and access point


____is when AP transmit its beacon frame and a station is looking for those frames

Passive scanning

What happens if a probe request frame contains a null value

All APs will respond

____is the process in which an AP accepts a station into WLAN


What uses a challege text

Shared key authenication

Name the default access method doe IEEE 802.11 WLANs

Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Avoidence (CSMA/CA)

What is true regarding block acknowledgement

1.) Applies to IEEE 802.11a

2.) supports Multiple MPDUs in an A-MPDU

3.) Receiving node sends a block ACK only acknowleding the correct MPDU

_____reserves the medium for a period of time and hundles the hidden node problem

Request to send/clear to send (RTS/CTS)

What is used when 802.11g devices are mixed with 802.11b devices together


What interframe spaces is used for immediate response actions such as ACK and has the highest levels of priority

Short IFS (SIFS)

_____is an optional polling mechanism

point coordination function (PCF)

The hybrid coordination funtion (HCF) allows for different types of wireless traffic to be given different levels of_____


Name 3 enhanced distributed channel Access (EDCA) access category (AC)

1.) Background (AC_CK)

2.) Best effort (AC_BE)

3.) Video (AC_VI)