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Unlike the My Computer window, the Windows Explorer window allows you to see the hierarchy of all the folders on your computer.
You can use the Explorer bar in the My Computer window.
You can use the plus and minus boxes in front of the folder and device icons to select the folders and devices.
You can drag a file from teh right pane to a folder displayed in the left pane of Windows Explorer
On a standard computer, you can copy one floppy disk to another by dragging one disk icon to another.
You can use the Copy Disk command to copy selected files from one floppy disk to another.
You can open the Search Companion directly from the Start menu
You can create a new folder by using the New command, found on the Insert menu.
Windows Explorer is divided into two sections called "windows"
False, panes
Clicking the minus box in front of a folder in Windows Explorer is called "expanding" the folder.
False, collapsing
To select a consecutive group of files, you press the "Shift" key while clicking the first and last files in the group you wish to select.
Unlike the Folders pane, which reflects the structure of the folders on your computer, the "Favorites" pane lists only links to files and folders, not their actual locations
You use the "Capture Image" command to temporarily store an image of your computer screen in memory.
False, print screen key
You can use Windows Explorer to do all of the following to your files EXCEPT
Edit them
The left pane of Windows Explorer is called the
Explorer bar
To move between Explorer bar display options, you select the option you want using which of the following menus?
Clicking the plus box in front of a folder in Windows Explorer is known as ____ the folder
When you click a device or folder icon, its contents appear in the
right pane
To create a folder in Windows Explorer, you select the New command, found on which of hte following menus?
Which of the follwing Cannot be displayed in the left pane of Windows Explorer?
Not search, favorites, media, history, folders, or explorer bar
To select a nonconsecutive group of files, you click each file you wish to select whil pressing which of the following keys?
To move a file from the right pane of the Windows Explorer window to a folder in the left pane, you must press which of the following buttons while moving the file?
right mouse button
Where are the CUt, Copy, and Paste buttons located
shortcut menu
which view do you use to sort files by type?
How do you add a file to the favorites pane?
drag files from right pane to favorite pane
By default, in which of the following folders does Windows store music files?
My Music