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What metods did the ancient chinese massage system use?
consisted of kneading and rubbing down with the hands.
What are the forms of appropriate professional touch ?
touch techniques, touch that relays feelings or information
Why was massage associated with folk medicine and connected with supernatural experiences during the middle ages ?
the church considered that anything that couldn't be proven "supernatural" and "of the devil" , most info. was lost, but common people kept it alive
What is the skins significance in touch ?
Skin is the largest sensory organ.Autonomic nervous system is highly responsive to skin stimulation.
What factors can influence an individuals experience of touch ?
Culture, up bringing, personal space, and past experiences
What are the forms of inappropriate professional touch ?
Aggressive or erotic touch
In what way and where did massage originate?
Massage developed from many cultures. It was mostly instinctual.
What has provided the validation of massage?
Scientific research