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Define Anatomy

The science of body structures.

Define Physiology

The science of body functions.

Six Levels of Structural Organization

1. Chemical

2. Cellular

3. Tissue

4. Organ

5. System

6. Organism

Eleven Systems of the Human Body

1. Integumentary

2. Skeletal

3. Muscular

4. Nervous

5. Endocrine

6. Cardiovascular

7. Lymphatic and Immunity

8. Respiratory

9. Digestive

10. Reproductive

11. Urinary

Anatomical Position


-Facing observer

-Head level/eyes forward

-Feet flat on floor and directed forward

-Arms at sides/palms turned forward

Five Body Regions




-Upper limb

-Lower limb

Opposite of Superior


Opposite of Medial


Opposite of Proximal


Opposite of Anterior


Opposite of Superficial


Opposite of Ipsilateral


Define Sagittal

Divides body into right and left sides.

Define Midsagittal

Divides body into equal right and left sides.

Define Parasagittal

Divides body into unequal right and left sides.

Define Frontal (Coronal)

Divides body into anterior and posterior portions.

Define Transverse (Axial)

Divides body into superior and inferior portions.

Define Oblique

Divides the body through an angle.

Four Body Cavities

1. Cranial

2. Vertebral

3. Thoracic

4. Abdominal Pelvic

Abdominopelvic Regions (9)

1. Right hypochondriac

2. Epigastric

3. Left hypochondriac

4. Right lumbar

5. Umbilical

6. Left lumbar

7. Right iliac

8. Hypogastric

9. Left iliac

Abdominopelvic Quadrants (4)

1. Right upper quadrant (RUQ)

2. Left upper quadrant (LUQ)

3. Right lower quadrant (RLQ)

4. Left lower quadrant (LLQ)