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What do animals in the same habitat compete for?

What do species which are the same compete for?

Resources such as food. Mates to reproduce

What is an ecological niche?

Describes a habitat an organism leaves in and it's role in the habitat

What are species living in the same niche more likely to compete for?

Resources as they will require very similar ones

E.g harlequin ladybirds and native ladybirds

Define interspecific

Define intraspecific

Competition between two species

Competition of organisms in same species

Why do predator and prey cycles both show ups and downs? (3)

- lots of prey = predators survive = number increase

- prey numbers drop

- little prey = predators starve = numbers drop

Why do predators peak soon after prey peaks?

It takes time for more supply of food for predators to reproduce

What is mutualism?

A relationship in which both organisms benefit

How do legumes on pea plants and nitrogen fixing bacteria have a mutualism relationship?

Bacteria turn nitrogen into nitrogen containing chemicals and give some to pea

Bacteria gets photosynthesis sugar from pea plants