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functions of the integumentary system
~protection for body's inner organs
~helps regulate body temp
~first line of defense
~3 layers: epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous
~outer layer
~contains keratinocytes, melanocytes
~protective barrier against environment
~middle layer
~supports epidermis
~contains nerves/blood vessels
~hair, nails, sebaceous glands, eccrine sweat glands, aprocine sweat glands
~third layer
~loose connective tissue filled w/fatty cells
~provides heat, insulation, shock absorption, nutritional reservoir
~provides protection/coverage (except palms, lips, soles of feet, nipples, penis, labia)
~protect tips of fingers and toes
~composed of dead cells filled w/keratin
~sebaceous glands
~oil glands
~lubricate hair and epidermis
~stimulated by sex hormones
~eccrine sweat glands
~regulate body temp through water secretion
~aprocrine sweat glands
~located in axilla, nipple, anal, pubic areas
~secrete odorless fluid
blood chemistry test
~analyze a blood sample for K, Na, Ca, phosphorus, ketones, glucose, osmolality, chloride, body urea nitrogen, creatinine
~NPO before
~check 4 bleeding
hematologic studies
~analyze a blood sample for RBC, WBC, ESR, platelets, HGB, HCT
~check 4 bleeding
coagulation studies
~analyze a blood sample for PT, INR, PTT
~doc meds
~check 4 bleeding
skin biopsy
~circular punch instrument to remove a small amt of skin tissue for histologic eval
~informed consent
~check 4 bleeding/infection
skin testing
~use of a patch, scratch, or intradermal injection 2 admins an allergen 2 skin's surface/dermis
~keep test area dry
~doc site, date, time
~inspect 4 erythema, papules, vesicles, edema, induration
skin scraping
~scraping a small sample of skin, nail, or hair for eval
skin study
~microscopic exam of skin that includes a Gram stain, C&S, cytology, immunofluorescence technique
~doc antibiotic therapy
wood's light test
~UV light to directly exam skin