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How was the Inka civilisation known to the Inkas?
How did the Inka start?
Small tribe in region of Cuzco, Peru.

Started military expansion in middle of 15th century.

by 1500 the empire extended 4000km down the Pacific coast.
What did the capital Cuzco look like?
Temples, palaces and plazas made of massive stone blocks carved and fitted together like jigsaw.

Most of population in capital was elite, but also many non Inka people.
How did the Inka subdue people?
Representatives and leaders of subdued people made to live in Cuzco. They were made administrators of home territories for Inkas.

Served as de facto hostages ensuring obedience of homeland to Inka rulers.
What did the Inka grow and what kind of agriculture did they have?
grew maize and other crops. Had terraced fields and massive irrigatin works.
How did the Inkas acquire a large labour force to fulfill needs?
All able bodied men had to pay 'labour tax' to state.

Believed those working for Inka elite were working for the gods.

Became more powerful as more people incorporated into them. Increase size of labour force av. for exploitation by elite.
Did they have a written language?
No, but had a recording system using knotted string called quipu.

Quipu had pattern of individual knots and placed in series of knotted strings= could be read by people who had been taught the code.
How did the Inka end?
Pizarro led small army of men into Inka territory (180 men)= Inka army of 4000 could have easily defeated them.

but Pizarro kidnapped Inka leader Atalwalpa.

Atalwalpa in Inka culture was head of all decisions = Inka paralysed. Not risk attacking and lose life of leader.

Inka paid huge ransom for release. but Pizarro realised sealing own doom so killed Atawalpa.

As a result empire fell apart as it's component parts (resentful of Inka rule) broke away and ending civilisation.