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what color is worn at a hindu funeral


what did Great britain trade with india?

not iron

why is the tiffinwala system so remarkable

they are illiterate

what is the hindu festival of holi

welcoming of spring

what do kids rub on their body in hindu religious schools

cow dung urine and milk

how many people in the dalit caste

201 mill

2 main religions found india

muslim and hinduism

what religion do the mughal people follow


example of information technology


what group thought bollywood was too slutty


how is india trying to change the caste system

programs to help boost the lowest caste

Dharavi so unique?

businesses flourishing in small places

what is ayurveda

oldest medical practice and medicine in the world

which country took control of india after the fall of the Mughal empire


what is the muslim league

organization found in 1906 to help the minority population if india

what is a jute

a plant used to make twine and sacks

how old are the hindu funeral pyres

2000 years

what is the lowest caste in india


village council in India


why does the groom wear a veil

to ward off the evil eye

what is the indian national congress

indians who wanted to discuss their problems under british rule

approximate population of india

1.1 bill

what % of indians practice hinduism


advantages of the green revolution

surplus crops were grown with new methods

highest caste in india


why do the hindus use the ganges

wash away sins

why are babies heads shaved

to rid of bad traits from previous life

what is martial law

when the government loses control of the public and the military takes overt keep the peace

what is the ganges considered to the hindus