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Who was Flash Phillips?
Flash Phillips was the Photographer for the Big City Times.
What was Scoop's habit?
His habit was chewing gum.
What was the name of the newspaper.
It was the Big City Times.
Who has lost the Moonstone?
Mr. Gordon Pate had lost tje moostone.

Mr. Gordon Pate had lost the moonstone.
What was the setting of the story?
The story took place in Big City.
Who were the Incas?
They were an ancient Indian tribe from Mexico.
What is a magnifying glass?
It is used to make things larger.
What was the title of the book?
It is The Mystery of the Inca Moonstone.
What kind of car did Skip drive?
He drove a red sports car.
Where was Mr. Pate staying.
He was staying at the Big City Hotel.
Who was Cliff Glass?
He was the man wearing the moonstone in the picture.
How did Mr. Pate find out about the moonstone?
He saw the picture in the paper.
Who is the author of the book?
It is Don Keown.