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Name the Impulse Control Disorders Not Elsewhere Classified
Intermittent Explosive Disorder



Pathological Gambling


Impulse Disorder NOS
Name the Diagnostic Criteria for Intermittent Explosive Disorder
A. Failure (several episodes)to resist agressive impulses or property destruction

B. The aggressive behavior is dissproprotionate to the psychological stressor

C. Not caused by a substance or general medical condition
Name the diagnostic criteria for Kleptomania
A. Repeated failure to resist impulses to steal objects that are not really needed for personal use or monetary value

B. Increasing tension just before stealing

C. Pleasure or relief while stealing

D. Not done in anger, or due to a delusion or hallucination
Name the diagnostic criteria for Pyromania
A. Deliberate setting of fires on multiple occassions

B. Tension or arousal prior to fire setting

C. Fire stimulates interest, curiousity or facination

E. Fire not set to make a statement or due to delisions, hallucinations or becuase of impaired judegment
Name the diagnostic criteria for Pathological Gambling
Involves at least 5 of following:

- Preoocupation w/ gamblin g
- Using larger amounts of $
- Failed attempts to stop
- Irritable if tries to stop
- Gambles to escape problems
- Keeps gambling if losing
- Lies to conceal cambling
- Commits illegal acts for $
- Significant impairment

B. Manic episode does not better account for behavior