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How have temperatures in the Arctic risen in comparison with the rest of the world in the last 50 years?

Temperatures risen 2x as fast as rest of world

Increased by 4 degrees in the last 50 years

What is the predicted temperature rise in the next 100 years?

5 degrees

Why is the Arctic important?

85% of heat energy is reflected by the snow

How is Arctic ice and snow being reduced?

By the lowering of the albedo effect

Enhanced greenhouse effect

Melting of the permafrost

How much of Storglaciaren glacier was lost between 1910 and 1980?


How much will summer sea ice be reduced by in 2050?


What are the benefits of the reducing ice?

Opens up more oil and gas stores, 25% are found in Arctic

Prolongs navigation season

Opens new shipping route 45% shorter than through Suez

What's happened on the Kenia peninsula to the forest?

Bark beetles have destroyed 4 million acres of forest when they are normally killed by cold winters

What village is being directly affected by the loss of permafrost?

Fairbanks, its sinking due to its thawing

What is the Shismaref coast suffering from?

Increased erosion due to rising sea levels

How much permafrost is expected to melt in the next 50 years?

Which place especially?



Why is increased UV radiation a problem?

Phytoplankon highly sensitive to it, destroys them and therefore the whole marine ecosystem seen as they are at the base of the food chain

What problems will be caused by vegetation shift?

Destabilise food chains

Increase likelihood of forest fires

Increase likelihood of insect outbreaks in Russia

How many Inuit villages in Alaska are at risk of flooding?


What percentage of the Inuit population still rely on hunting?


What are ocean currents in the Arctic affected by?

Why is this significant?

Salinity levels, changed by introduction of new fresh water from melting ice sheets

Affects global ocean currents

What affects air currents in the Arctic?

Why is this significant?


Sea ice


Affects global weather patterns