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when the shape of the final part is shown in the forging tooling, the process is called
closed die
to make a railroad rail or a channel, the process called....would be used
shape rolling
when an extrusion is made by forcing the material through a die, the process is called....extrusion
when the diameter of a workpiece is decreased locally, the forging process is called
hot forging takes place at a temperature
above recyrstallization
when forging takes place by passing a bar between mating rollers with groves cut in them, the process is called
roll forging
a right angle piece as shown (L) would be made by the sheet meatl process called
grain refinement brought about by hammers or rolling will result in a product called
to make an extrusion with a hole through it, a ...... is fitted to the front of the ram
the appropriate clearance to use for shearing sheet metal is
10% of metal thickness
in sheet metal forming, deformation takes place over the punch in the two processes called .... and ....
bending and stretching
to make a hole in a square piece of sheet metal, a process used
to make sheet metal in a steel mill, the process used to change the product from a slab to a sheet
flat rolling
a nail or a bolt uses a form of forging called .... to make the shape
a crescent wrench handle uses a form of forging called
closed die
material that undergoes grain refinement through hammering or rolling is called a
wrought material
the extension on a ram to make an extrusion with a hole is called a
cold working occurs at a temperature
at room temperature
a pizza pan is an example of a drawing operation called
shrink flanging
the clearance for sheet metal shearing is given as
10% of metal thickness
when the forging process called .... is used to increase the diameter of the workpiece
to make a round disk to be used later from a rectangular sheet of metal, the process ... is used
when steam is used both to raise the forging hammer and to drive it against the workpiece, the process is called
high energy rate forging
the one sheet metal deformation process that deforms around the punch and not over the punch is called
in extrusion, when the material is forced around the punch and not though a die, the process is called
backward extrusion
to make a cup from sheet metal, the process is called
when a tube is forged between mating rolls to form a new shape for the tube walls, the process is called
ring forging
forcing a material through a die using compressive forces is called
forward extrusion
the rotary process for bending sheet metal is called
roll forming