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Name the Effectors for Intracellular Immune response
(in order of appearance with peak in parenth)
INF (2 days)
NK (4 days)
Neutralizing ABs & CTLs(7-10 days)
Mediators in NK cells
Perforins (holes like C9) Granzymes (DNA damage)
IFN g (activate MPs)
Activation of Tc's
IL-2 (from Th1's)
requires MHC I & II

MHC I: APC + antigen stimulates expression of IL-2 R on CD8 T (B7 binds CD28)

MHC II: Th1 bound to APC + Ag at same time as CD8 is bound, releases IL-2
Mediators from Tc's
granzyme, perforin, cytokines (TNF & IFN)
NKs working with Neutralizing ABs
activation of Fc R on NK
important for worms & tumors
IgG & IgE
(no Ag R on NK)
MOA for Rimantidine
Uses M2, interferes with uncoating of Influenza A only

Prophylactic within 24 hours of exposure

used w/L Dopa in Parkinson's
MOA for Omseltavir
(& Zanamavir)
Neuraminidase inhibitor
Prevents viral release
Influenza A & B
MOA for Acyclovir
recognizes thymadine kinase
inhibits DNA synthesis

HSV & EBV (not CMV)
for CMV, inhibit viral DNA synthesis
not as specific as Acyclovir
BM tox, Nephrotox, GI
contraindicated w/AZT (b/c BM)
inhibits viral mRNA & 5' cap
BM tox, Nephrotox, GI
Hanta, RSV bronchiolitis & pneumonia
Use w/interferon for Hep C
BM toxicity, carcinogenic, teratogenic

MOA is DNA damage

Used topically for HSV kerititis