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druga strona medalu
the other side of the coin
zdecydowac sie
make up one's mind
robic z igly widly
to change a fly into an elephant
latwiej powiedziec niz zrobic
easier said then done
na niepewnym gruncie
on thin ice
trafic w sedno
hit the nail on the head
to oczywiste bez dwoch zdan
it goes without saying
poruszyc niebo i ziemie
to leave no stone unturned
narazic na niebezpieczenstwo
put in jeopardy
chciec gwiazdki z nieba
cry for the moon
obiecywac zlote gory
to promise wonders
czlowiek ktory sam sie dorobil , zrobil kariere
self-made man
wrozyc z reki
read sb's hand
przelewac krew
shed blood
przyjmowac cos za rzecz oczywista
take sth for granted
stawiac kogos/cos w niekorzystnej
put sb // be at a disadvantage
little by little
na czyjs rachunek, czyims kosztem
at sb's expense
The trip is at company's expense.
We are always making jokes at Mark's expense
jesli masz ochote
if you like
za wszelka cene
at all costs
na cale gardlo, bardzo glosno
at the top of your voice
wybuchac smiechem
burst out laughing
zlapac kogos na goracym uczynku
to catch sb red-handed
high and low
We've searched high and low for this book.
without fail
The postman always comes at 10 o'clock without fail.
gole (nieuzbrojone)oko
the naked eye
Bacteria are too small to be seen with the naked eye.
z podwojona sila
with a vengeance
After a week of good weather winter returned with a vengeance today.

He's been working with a vengeance over the past few weeks to make up for lost time.

Flared trousers are back with a vengeance (= very popular again) this summer.