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N: The Sleeping Gypsy

D: 1897

P/S: Symbolism

A: Henri Rousseau

OL: Laval

M/T: Oil on canvas

F: To suggest the vulnerable subconscious during sleep

C: Rousseau's art was known for fantasy and drama

DT: Exotic images with dark colors

ME: Rousseau shows a person's vulnerable subconscious self during sleep

N: The Scream

D: 1893

P/S: Expressionism

A: Edvard Munch

OL: Oslo, Norway

M/T: Tempura and Pastels on Cardboard

F: Display human suffering and weakness

C: Tries to capture emotion from the viewer.

DT: Red and yellow stripes and curvilinear lines

ME: Munch uses art to represent suffering of man with emotion and drama

N: The Kiss

D: 1907-1908

P/S: Symbolism

A: Gustav Kmt

OL: Vienna

M/T: Oil on Canvas

F: a symbol of love and unity

C: Rectangles represent men. Circles for females

DT: Patterns and use of shades of yellow

ME: Double meaning- an embracing couple and inter-determinate place separate from time and space

N: Where Do We Come From?

D: 1897

P/S: Impressionism

A: Paul Gauguin

OL: Tahiti

M/T: Oil on Canvas

F: Gauguin expresses himself with painting

C: Depicts Gauguin's view on life

DT: Lushness and intensity created with flat colors of lilac, pink, and lemon.

ME: Gauguin questions life of a human, expressing reality of life and death.

N: Basket Of Apples

D: 1895

P/S: Impressionism

A: Paul Cezanne

OL: Art Institute of Chicago

M/T: Oil on Canvas

F: Still-Life

C: Cezanne had an interest in study of volume and solidity.

DT: 2D and not optically realistic. Objects look very solid.

ME: Cezanne created what could be called an architecture of color.