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Where is bleed air used for ice protection?

Engine Inlets and Wings

Where is electricity used for ice protection?


- Windshield

- Water Lines

Engine Cowl A/Ice source?

10th stage (HP) Bleed air

Windshield wiper in TIMER postion?

8 second intervals

What is the fail safe position for the engine bleed valve?

Fails Open

What leading edges are anti-iced?

all 3 outboard leading edges

Can the APU provide bleed air for the anti-ice system?


How long are the anti-ice valves commanded open for when ice is detected in flight?

5 minutes

REF A/I Modes of operation


a/ice valves inhibited closed until 1700 agl or 2 mins after takeoff.

REF A/I Modes of operation


- only engine valves kept open after engine start

- wing valves inhibited until 1700 agl or 2 mins after lift off

REF A/I Modes of operation


- Engine valves open after engine start

- wing valves auto open when wheel speed is greater than 40kts (so you don't cook the a/ice fluid)

Windshield heat on one AC source in flight?

only left window is heated

When does the wing anti-ice system perform a self test? How long is it?

10000' or 10 mins after t/o, whichever occurs first

max 60s duration

Will the wiper operate on a dry windshield?

system logic will cause the wiper to stop

When do the smart probes heat?

when the engine is running

is there a test for the anti-ice system?

yes, but maintenance performs that test

How should the a/c be configured for de-ice?

Refer to QRH

Bleed - OFF

Packs - OFF

Stab trim - full nose down

Flaps - UP (or 2 if left down after landing due to contamination

Engines and APU - ON or OFF

Does the Tail have any ice protection?


What is the ice detector cycle?