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Parallax error

Error because of the angle of view from the scale.


Uncertainty on Analogue scale

± 1/2 smallest scale division

Uncertainty on digital scale

± smallest scale division

Combining uncertainties: a + b

Uncertainty = (±∆a) + (±∆b)

Combining uncertainties: a×b or a÷b

Uncertainty = (±%∆a) + (±%∆b)

What are the Fundamental SI Units?

1. Metre (m)

2. Ampere (A)

3. Second (s)

4. Kelvin (k)

5. Kilogram (kg)

6. Candela (cd)

7. Mole (mol)

Convert Joules into SI units

kg m^2 s^-2

What are the prefixes of units less than 10?

What are the prefixes of units greater than 10?

What are the types of uncertainty and what do they mean?

Random - repeat measurements which give slightly different results

Systematic - affects all results in the same way

- caused by technique

- caused by zero error on device ( value if nothing, taring)

How do you measure the gradient uncertainty?

±(max gradient - min gradient) ÷ 2