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a line which the graph approaches as either x or y gets very large.


Asymptotes are usually shown on graphs by

Dotted lines

Vertical asymptotes

occur where a function ceases to be defined. When the denominator is equal to zero.

_________ indicate long term behavior of the graph and are lines that the graph approaches for large values of x (positive or negative)

Horizontal asymptotes

Will asymptotes show up on a graphing calculator?


When can a graph cross an asymptote?

If the asymptote is only relevant for large values of x.

How do you solve an equation that cannot be solved analytically?

use a calculator to graph the equation

When using your calculator to solve an equation you must...

draw a sketch of the graph and round the solution to an appropriate degree of accuracy

If the problem does not ask for an exact answer this is an indication

that a graphical solution may be apropriate

A powerful method for solving simultaneous equations on a calculator is

Plysmlt 2

At the intersection of two graphs the y coordinates are


to determine the number of intersections if the equation is quadratic you use the ______


Systems which have solutions are called


Systems which have no solutions are called


When a system has infinitely many solutions (0=0) the general solution involves writing x, y and z in terms of...

z and then equate all to lamda

There are no solutions when

the coefficient equals zero. Something like 0=8

if you multiply or divide both sides of an inequality by a negative number, what do you have to do to the sign?

Reverse the sign

x^2 > 4 solutions are

x < - 2 and x > 2

How do you check or solve an inequality


An identity is

an equation which is true for all values of x