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Industrial-Organizational Psychology

The application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace.

Scientist/Practitioner Model

An approach used to train I/O psychologists maintaining that because I/O psychologists are both generators and consumers of knowledge, training must be focused on both theory and application.


The skills, behaviors, and capabilities that allow employees to perform specific functions.

Army Alpha/Army Beta

Mental ability tests developed by I/O psychologists during World War I that were used to select and classify army personnel.

Job Analysis

The process of defining a job in terms of its component tasks or duties and the knowledge or skills required to perform them.

Job Element

In job analysis, the smallest unit of work activity.

Job Task

A work activity that is performed to achieve a specific objective.


An individual’s place in the organization defined by the tasks performed.


A collection of positions similar enough to one another to share a common job title.


The knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that are required for successful job performance.