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How many Islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago?
Name the regions of the pacific rim
Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia
Who was the first Hawaiian Scholar?
David Malo
Who was the first Hawaiian Historian?
Samuel Kamakau
Wrote Ruling Chiefs story of Umi
God of War - man-eating god, help win wars between different areas
God of Fertility - time of Makahiki
God Of Ocean - Made sure there was enough food in ocean
God of men - make sure men prospers, take care of the people
In the way finder, what is the most important star constellation for turning for land fall?
Southern Cross
Three course lines for Hokulea
Presume, Reference, Actual
What was Mau's visualizing lesson to Nainoa mean?
Believe in your teacher. Believe in yourself. Know what you know.
What is the human concept of time?
It's the day that you are born. It starts with only you. It is your genealogy
What is 'Aikapu?
Sacred eating
What is the relationship between Papa and Wakea
half brother and half sister
What is the name of Umi's Father?
Chief Liloa - sacred chief
Who is 'Umi's mother?
What is Kaleioku to Umi?
His attendant, kanuanau
What was the gift for Liloa to Akahiakuleana?
Ahupua'a of Kealakaha
Who were the old men mistreated by Hakau?
Nunu and Kakohe
Hakau's brothers
What Jewel did 'Umi have that only one was made and belonged to Liloa?
ivory necklace/pendant
What does ho'okama mean?
There are only _____ consonants in the Hawaiian Language
HKLMWPN 'okina and kahako
When did the first printing of Hawaiian occur?
2 years after missionaries came
The name of the Gods in Cook Islands
Tu, Tane, Tongoroa, Rongo
Offerings for the Gods of Cook Islands?
Bunch of Coconuts from favorite Coconut tree
First born child
First fish caught
The 2 Gods cook islands thought were dominant are
Tangaroa (ocean) and Rongo (fertility)
The native name for New Zealand
Nainoa Thompson sighted it at the direction of 'Aina
Southern Cross
The chant to honor Kalani-Nui-A-Mana'o and the creation of life is
Epeli Hau'ofa is the writer of
Our Sea of Islands
The master of navigating by using the elements was
Mau Piailug
The first Ni'pupui matine was between
Wake and Ho'ohokulani
Father and Daughter
The Hawaiian term for Genealogy is
The Kalo fetus was?
Haloa Naka
To speak Hawaiian you must
think Hawaiian. You need to slow down
The difference between Hawaiian and the rest of Polynesian language is
Ts and Ks
The word for chief in the Cook Island is
Ariki (maori)
Who was Papa?
Earth Mother
Umi replaced him as the primary paramount chief of Hawaii Island
Hakau (Umi's Half Brother)
What is the mountain of Hawaii Island where telescopes are located?
Mt Mauna Kea
Which of Umi's sons was the fastest runner?
Pi'imaiwa'a second adopted son
What language in Polynesia has similar words to the Hawaiian language?
What is the correct spelling of the word that means pidgin?
Creole - people
According to pondering pidgin, when was pidginzied Hawaiian developed?
early 1800s, after 1820 when missionaries arrived
What does ABCFM mean?
American Board of Comissioners for Foreign Missionaries
Where did the unearthing of 1000 burial sites take place?
Honokahua, Maui
Why was honokahua area being dug up?
To build hotel
Sand for golf course
How many islands were in the protest?
hawaii island, moloka'i, o'ahu
What is the main phrase used in the protest?
Enough is enough
How many bones were dug up?
In what year did dutch voyagers start seeing man catch sharks by hand?
what is the name of the shark caller's God?
How did the shark callers know when to go shark calling?
They were told by their dreams
What is the name of the village of the shark hunters?
Above Papa New Guinea
How many magic stones did the shark caller drop off the reef?
6 magic stones
What is one of the shark caller's tools used?
-rattle made of coconut shells
EC: noose, paddle, chant, magic stones, fish bait, spear, club/bat, prayers, conch shell