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Physical, psychological, & emotional
Fight & flight
you sense danger and you signal the anxiety, so your brain lights up to act upon it
One of Satan's wives that left him to be Adam's first wife. = First female demon

All her babies were killed, so if your baby died, they blamed Lilith
Different types of normal
Subjectively - your own opinion on what's normal or weird - up to you.

Statistically - there's research but don't take it personally because you have to look at who were the subjects and bias

Idealistically - own personality; moral and technique ideas; how do you measure up to your ideals?

Culturally - norm around where you grow up and what's expected by your peers

Clinically - good sex = orgasm
Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association - book of symptoms and diagnoses
What did Masters research?
He researched about the response to sexual arousal and studied infertility (which was usually blamed on the women)
Sociobiological Theory
we transmit genes which bestow attributes to our offspring - makes us want to find a mate with good attributes because we want our kids to have good traits

males look for females that have the ability to have childbearing ways

females look for males that have the ability to provide and support in the long run (breadwinners)
Stud vs. Slut
When men sleep with a lot of people, they're rewarded by the number of conquests they had

When women sleep with a lot of people, they're considered as trashy and dirty
Sex strike theory
our way of women holding out on sex until men give us what we want

women want food & support and men just want sex
Menstrual synchrony
when women all get their periods at the same time - good during the hunting time, because when they were on their period or pregnant, the men would all go hunt together
Freudian psychology
sex is central - urgent drive because special places tingle and we like it
it's all physical
even children are sexual
developmental stages: oral (drug use, alcohol, eating too much), anal (like when you were a kid and you peed everywhere except the toilet), phallic, latency, and genital
Id = unconscious; gets tamed down because it's irrational and primitive; all dreams
Superego = pre-conscious
Ego = conscious
Operant conditioning
something happens and we fuse a connection with it - we learn behaviors through reinforcement and punishment
Positive reinforcement
increases the odds that the behavior will be repeated
Negative reinforcement
removal of an unpleasant stimulus - step off the hot coals

not punishment
Random intermittent
Schedule of positive reinforcement - what messes us up; guaranteed to keep you hooked (addictive reinforcement)
Social learning theory
learn to act by watching other people act - monkey see monkey do

Imitation and identification - so we learn from our parents, culture, and environment
Cognitive theory
can be proven by psych data

cognition - information processing; includes attention, information, gathering memory, and motivation
Thoughts and perceptions lead to interpretations and emotions which all influence behavior

Emotion is based on interpretation
Cognitive dissonance
not living up to the ideals/image of who we want to be can cause dissonance

The more dissonance you feel, the harder it is for you to do something wrong

you can reduce dissonance by justifying your actions
Cave life history
take care of each other and believed in the preservation of family
Rules of preservation of family
1st taboo - incest = small families live together for too long
2nd taboo - menstruation = blood was a symbol and because it happened for no reason, it was powerful, dangerous, or dirty depending on the culture
Early Hebrews
be fruitful and multiply
natural sex --> multiplication
sex is good in marriage
masturbation and homosexuality were not okay because they were unnatural
Status of women in many cultures
care for home, husband's can divorce them but not other way around, punished for cheating
city vs county rape
if you were raped in the country, then you were spared. but if you were raped in the city, you were punished because the city has more people and if you really did scream for help, someone would have helped you
women's first legal status
Recommendations for marital sex by a preacher
should be having sex even if you are rarely home
- no job = every day
- laborers = twice a week
- ass-drivers = once a week
- camel drivers = once a month
- sailors = every 6 months
Greeks believed
a well-developed body is much admired so a teenaged boy was perfection and a slender woman was more attractive
sex was to be enjoyed
homosexuality was normal and held in extreme high regard
Ancient romans believed
women were active in society - but could only own half oz gold, forbidden to drive, and wear dyed clothes
divorce was easy
orgies were in the upper class only
male-male sex was not okay and a threat to the family
to suck - blowjob
to lick
sex between unmarried people
Contraceptives in ancient Rome
which plants could prevent pregnancy, etc.
mouse dung = liniment
oral dose of snail excrement or pigeon droppings mixed w olive oil
rooster's testicle under the bed
pepper inserted in mouth of uterus after ejaculation
sneezing after cumming
Early Christians
didn't have much specifics to say about sex
made rules they felt were right so restricted sex to marital bed so no orgies, unmarried sex, and divorce
procreation were the #1 reason of sex
can't enjoy sex or masturbation
the ideal
brides must be virgins
St. Augustine
focused on the original sin
people were born from sex and people are born with original sin and lust
Why is Eve the bane of human existence?
because eve was morally weak and gave into temptation and brought adam down with her
Crusaders held Mary to high regard which led to
Crusaders holding women to high regard and improved the status of women
Who said priests could get married?
Martin Luther said that priests should be able to marry and have children
John Calvin
said that sex is good for other things besides making babies - like good for relationships and marriage
Early New England
neighbors lived so close together it influenced their sexual behavior
marriage was used to channel lust and strengthen family
pre-marital and unmarried sex was not good
Chesapeake Region
women had more sexual freedom
Native Americans
human body wasn't shameful - walk around naked
women had more sexual freedom because it's tribal
the baby born belonged to the group
male-male wasn't important
Indentured servants
were sexually exploited and illegitimate pregnancies
Pregnant slaves led to more slaves
Antimiscegnation law
people of different races can't have a relationship or marry
Yin Yang
yin = passive female force
yang = active male force

these forces must be kept balanced

yin essence = vaginal lubrication
yang essence = semen

interact thru sex
Ideal yang
man to prolong intercourse so that they can absorb yin essence so chinese taught men to delay cumming

orgasms enhance yin essence
Masturbation was bad to the chinese because
waste of yang essence; but women never ran out of yin essence
Indians thoughts on sex
sexual pleasure was spiritual ideal and spiritual duty
Tantra sex
prolonged intercourse
gentle, hot sex vibrations
deals with sexually and meditation
external female gentials
latin = shame
Short urethra
means that women are prone to have more UTI than men

can fix by drinking more water and cranberry juice and peeing after sex
Mons Veneris
fatty tissue on front of public bone - layer of fat and public hair and is a good cushion for sex
majora - large outer lips
minora - inner lips and has a very rich blood supply
only function is for sexual arousal
several hormones
promotes puberty
regulates menstrual cycle
cognitive functioning
middle pain - when women can feel ovulation/release of the egg
Corpoca cavernosa
Nitric oxide levels increase and the lining of it becomes activated to allow blood flow
regulates menstrual cycle
involved in the build up of uterine lining
Vaginal mucosa
deals with lubrication
blood pressure increases and your mucosa will sweat
size comes from fat
feed babies thru milk ducts
Kegal exercises
isolate PC muscle (the muscle you use squeeze when you stop peeing halfway)
contract for a few seconds in sets of 10 or 20 seconds for several times a day
G spot
great sexual stimulation
Grafenberg spot
located at the end of the vaginal wall - not all women know they have one
the release of blood and nerves after a build up

women ejaculation of fluid --> PSA
removal of clitoris in girls 4-10 years to stop masturbation
some cultures found it necessary for womanhood
Ovarian cancer
prolonged exposure to estrogen
late menarche
late childbirth
lots of talcum powder in the perineal area
animal-based diet
menopause after 55
Cervical cancer
PAP smear = screening test
HPV - #1 reason for abnormal pap smear
multiple male sexual partners
early lost of virginity
exposure to toxic materials from male partner
exposure to cigarette smoke
Breast cancer
removal of breast tissue
1 in 8 women get it
personal/family history
excessive weight
heavy alcohol use
prolonged exposure to estrogen
cyclical bleeding as endometrium is shed
regulated by estrogen and progesterone
4 phases of mensruation
1. proliferative - after your period is over and your hormones kick back in; endometrial cells proliferate
2. ovulation - estrogen levels peak; best time to get preggos because the cervical mucous will be thin, stretchy, and clear so sperm can get through
3. secretory (luteal phase) - progesterone gets secreted for build up of endometrial cells; if there's no fertilization, estrogen and progesterone decrease and PMS occurs
4. Menstrual phase - period kicks in
painful menstruation

primary - overproduction of prostaglandins
secondary - before or during menstruation caused by IUD, PID
Absence of menstruation

primary - no period ever; possibly bc of organ abnormalities, hormonal imbalance
secondary - no period for 3 months or more
athletic - someone who trains really hard has really light periods or none at all because of less/no production of estrogen
What can you do to treat PMS?
hormonal birth control
well balanced diet
no smoking
Cessation of menstruation
ovaries stop functioning
happens when you're ~47 years old
no more estrogen/progesterone production
Penis Anatomy
Penis = tail
Corona (ridge) separates glans (head of penis)
Frenulum - underside of corona
Foreskin - prepuce; born with it
Phimosis - too tight foreskin that leads to circumcision (removal of foreskin)
Scrotum - ballsack; reacts to temperature
Spermatic cord - holds testicles in place; contains vas deferens, blood vessels, nerves, and cremaster muscle
Corpus spongiosum
spongy body; runs up the middle of penis; urethra goes thru middle of spongy body
Corpora cavernosa
cavernous body - nitric oxide allows blood to come into these chambers and stay there
Internal sex organs
testes (gonads) - secrete testosterone which keeps the sex drive high
seminiferous tubulues - manufactures sperm
epididymus - where sperm goes to mature; if swollen, will cause painful ejaculation and hard to produce
seminal vesicle - secretes fluid that mixes w sperm and is rich in fructose with helps sperm move faster
prostatic fluid - milky & alkaline; provides texture and odor of seminal fluid
Cowper's glands
source of pre-cum
may contain viable cum so pulling out isn't a good contraceptive
will emit clear fluid
Ejaculation phases
1. emission - urethral sphincters close so you don't pee when you come and the sphincter that leads to the outside opens; end of emission phase is the ejaculatory inevitability (once you're there, you can't go back; must finish)
2. expulsion - semen expelled out
Retrograde ejaculation
happens if sphincters don't function right; semen gets expelled to the bladder rather than out the penis because the sphincter forgot to close
Prostate cancer
1/8 men in the USA
risk factors: older than 50, more common in black men, family history, genes, diet (too much animal fat and Ca = bad), smoking
Peyronie's disease
too much bending (may be painful esp when erect)
what makes it delayed ejaculation
longer than 30-45 minutes
cum when you masturbate but can't when you have actual sex
psychological/emotional reasons
Saint Valentine
martyr for love because died for marrying people
Types of Love
Storge - parent/child love
Agape - charitable love; giving without expecting to receive
Philia - friendship love
Ludus - game player; all about conquest
Passionate love - extreme absorption in another person
Sweat glands give off bacteria which feed off proteins and gives off steroids which make us smell good to each other (release of pheromones)

release triggers the "love drug" which is like an amphetamine
Roseto effect
people had a longer lifespan bc you had a close, warm, loving relationship with neighbors

it was good for you to be in love
Triangular theory of love
Passion - builds, intensifies, and then fades (if you only have passion = infatuation)

Intimacy - long lasting (if you only have intimacy = friendship)

Commitment - for every one you make, you give up something (if you only have commitment = empty love)

Passion + Intimacy = romantic love
Intimacy + Commitment = Companionate love
Passion + Commitment = False love

All three = consummate love
trust what you see and observe
a lot of people are trusting unless you give them reason not to be

forgiveness - if you can't forgive, don't be in a relationship