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Human Resource Management
The organization function that consist or practices that help the organization deal effectively with its people during the various phases of the various phases of the employment cycle.
Human Resource Planning
An HRM practice helps managers amticipate and meet changing needs related to the acquisition, deloyment, and utilization of its employees
job analysis
A systematic procedure for gathering, analyzing, and documenting information about particular jobs
An HRM practice designed to locate and attract job applicants for particular position
An HRM practice in which companies assess which companies assess and choose from among job candidates
Planned learning experiences that teach workers how to perform their current jobs effectively
Planned learning experices that prepare workers to perform possible future jobs effectively
performance appraisal process
A process used by companies to measure the adequacy of their emploees job performances and communicate these evalutions to them
consist of the pay and benefits received from the company by emloyees
the wage or salary employees earn