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vitamins are classified as

fat soluble and water soluble

minerals are classified as

major and trace/minor

Bioavailability is defined as

rate and extent to which a nutrient is metabolized and absorbed

Factors in foods that influence bioavailability include

fiber, phytates, oxalates, polyphenols

three ways vitamins and minerals differ from the macronutrients are

structure, measurement, and function

the nutrients added in enrichment are

iron, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate

sources of water for the body include

beverages/water, food and metabolic processes

soft water is rich in the mineral


hard water is rich in

calcium and magnesium

increased intake of ..... may lower blood pressure. it is found in greatest abundance in fruits and vegetables


.... tissue contains more water weight than .... tissue

lean, adipose

...... and ..... are the major intracellular minerals

potassium and phosphorus

during intense vomiting much .... can be lost because it is present in stomach acid


we consume the majority of our dietary chloride in the form of


the 4 main minerals that act as electrolytes in our body





Modifiable risk factors for hypertension include

inactivity, smoking, obesity, diet high in sodium& low in fruits & vegetables, chronic disease, stress

Non-modifiable risk factors for hypertension include

age, genetics and ethnicity

Ions that carry positive charge are called


ions that carry negative charge are called


the minimum amount of water/fluid that must be excreted daily to eliminate waste products is called

obligatory water excretion

the greatest source of sodium in our diet is

processed foods

The DASH diet plan was designed to prevent hypertension and recommends 10 or more servings of

fruits and vegetables

...... is a mineral involved in the transport of lipids around in our body


blood pressure goes down when the blood .... goes down


general functions of electrolytes include regulate

fluid balance, nerve response to stimuli & muscle contraction

The body is made-up of approximately ....... of fluid


the ....... is the region of the brain that regulates the sense of thirst


the two types of body fluid loss are

sensible and insensible

The major extracellular positively charged electrolyte is


the majority of the bodys phosphorus is stored in


vitamin .... facilitates phosphorus absorption


The regulatory agency for tap water safety is


Two types of extracellular fluid are

interstitial and intravascular

fluid located in the cell is called

intracellular fluid

functions of fluid in the body include:

solvent, reactant, transport, lubricant, protection, maintain body temp, maintain blood volume and maintains structure

the number one leading cause for death in the world