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What are the 4 main religions?
Islam, Christianity, Budhism, Judiasim
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam?
Prayer, Declaration, Fasting, Pilgrimmage, and Charity
Where is everyone going on the Hajj?
What are the 3 Prosthelizing Religions and now do they spread?
Christians, Islam, Budhism
They spread easily
How you pronounce something (completely same language)
Variations of the same language/ Same language but modified
What are the languages of Switzerland?
Romanche, French, German, and Italian
Where did Commercial Agriculture begin?
The Netherlands
Plantation farming is associated with the _______ _______
Colonialism Movement
What is the difference between a mentifact and an artifact, examples?
Mentifact: Idea or thought
ex: individuality and freedom
Artifact: object that embodies mentifact
ex: a car
What is the HDI and what is it based on?
Human Development Index
Based on:
Gross Domestic Product
Life Expectancy
What is the civic and legal expression of a ethnic identity?
India and Pakistan's border is based on what?
Alternative in international trade that emphasizes small businesses, worker-owned and democratically run cooperatives. It requires employers to pay workers fair wages, permit union organizing, and comply with minimum environmental and safety standards.
Fair trade
A form of Subsistence agriculture based on herding domesticated animals.

Primarily the drylands of North Africa and Asia.
Nomadic Pastorialism
"the unwaved flag"
Ex: Always there as a reminder, like a flag in the back of commercials is a constant reminder of who you are and where you are from.
Another example is in Hollywood:
Movie Prince of Egypt-
Egypt: British Accents
Hebrew: English Accents
Banal Nationalism
The shift to new industrial regions can be seen clearly in______ _______
Steele Production
Steam engine permitted large scale____ _____
Iron Production
The two major International Lending Organizations are the ___ ___ and the ____.
World Bank
International Monetary fund
To promote the international trade development path, countries representing 97% of trade established the _____ _____ ____ in 1995. It works to reduce barriers to international trade.
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Having love and devotion to one's country.
A journey to a place considered to be holy

One of the Five Pillars of Islam. Once in a lifetime trip to Mecca (If financially feasible)
The Al-shadada is the recitation of the ______. Also known as the declaration. Allows person to become Muslim.
Of, relating to, or belonging to a city, a citizen, or citizenship; municipal or civil.
What are holy places in Judaism?
Judaism is a type of _____ religion, meaning that it is difficult to join because they do not Proselytize.
What languages came from Indo-European languages?
Germanic, Romance, Slavic, and Indo
Where did Indo-European Language come from?
A collection of languages related through a common ancestral language that existed long before recorded history.
Language Family
A collection of languages related through a common ancestral language that existed several thousand years ago. Differences are not as extensive or old, and archaeological evidence can confirm that these languages came originated from the same place on the tree.
Language branch
a collection of languages within a the same place on the tree that share a common origin in the relatively recent past and display relatively few differences in grammar and vocab
language group
Why did English Spread after WW2?
Mass Media