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comments on each one

Because they have become so expensive and that's all people really want.
Since they can hardly afford really nice clothes any more.

The children are taken love to trade the cards!
Because little boys love it.
Clever marketing directed at children.
Because of all the publicity its getting in the media.
That is the latest craze!
What child doesn't like them.
Nintendo games/Pokemon/Digital Cameras, etc. Technology stuff is always popular. The Pokemon craze is all hype and advertising.
Video Games

People are nuts about them.
It's all they want.

Because it is the latest thing this year and they have new types.
Because they are the hottest thing this year to play with and they are making new kinds.

Harry Potter books.

You can use it everywhere.
Everybody loves it, needs it and can't get enough.

Because what a great gift to celebrate the last xmas of the millennium.
And welcome in the new year.
hottest toys and whats new
fire truck bounce, My First Craftsman Pinewood Racer Wood Kit- Scorpion Racer, Dora the Explorer: Dress-Up Adventure Dora Doll, InteracTV Learning System, Cranium: Balloon Lagoon,HeroScape Master Set. all for younger children
hottest christmas toys 2004
1. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #1 - Techno
Video games (and the systems to play them on) are HUGE again this year -- again. Some of the old favorite characters and game types will still be hot, but there are new electronic entertainment systems and interactive TV games that will be equally popular.

From snowboarding to 'monster truck' interactives, and from action heroes to mysteries, you can look for Nintendo, Sony Playstation and xbox systems and games to be leading the pack.

2. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #2 - 'Boy Toys'
Action 'toys' like scooters, dirt bikes and skateboards are for both boys and girls, of course, and they are all among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. The Razor E battery-powered scooter is sure to be hot, as is the Fisher Price Power Wheels Go-Cart, and other electric or battery-powered 'toys' that translate into transportation fun!

3. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #3 - Remote Control
2004 will quite possibly be the 'Year of the Remote Control' toy. Hobbytron's remote control stunt cars are hot, hot, hot, and there are remote control boats, hovercrafts and various kinds of action figures on the list of the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. Be sure to check them all out!

4. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #4 - Oldies but Goodies
The classic children's toys that have been around for a few decades are still going to be around, and still going to be among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. For example, Barbie and other Disney character toys, games and accessories are on top of the list.

Some other old favorites will be back, but some of them have a decidedly new 'flavor' - for example, the EasyBake oven just got even easier, and even Cabbage Patch kids have been updated and will be hotter than ever this year.

5. Hottest Christmas Toys 2004 #5 - Educational/Creative
Every year there are newer and smarter educational or creative games or toys that your children will learn new skills from -- the whole time they're playing and having fun!

A relative newcomer to the educational toys scene, Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. has burst on the scene with junior computer games called 'LeapPad' that will definitely be one of the season's hottest Christmas toys.
make your own christmas gifts
Use an empty jar to Make Your Own Christmas Snow Globe.

Recycle coat hangers and make a Coat Hanger Christmas Tree or Coat Hanger Wreath.

Paint a lightbulb! Choose from Lightbulb Elf, Choir Angel Lightbulb, Santa Lightbulb, Cardinal Lightbulb,Doily Lightbulb or Frosty the Lightbulb.

Just added: Paint a Sand Dollar Poinsettia and print the sand dollar legend, or make a luxurious Recycled Shrimp Ring Wreath.

Santa Door Decoration has a looped rug yarn beard. Hang collector ornaments with Fancy Christmas Ornament Hooks made from wire and beads.
other popular gift ideas for kids
Who is Pingu? He's a charming and cheeky young penguin who lives in the snow and ice of the South Pole - of course.
This award-winning, stop-frame claymation DVD has become an international hit among children and adults alike! If you want a great gift at an unbeatable price, let Pingu help you out.

Click the image to buy this Christmas gift now
Memories are made at Upper Deck
Almost all kids like sports and what could be a better Christmas gift for your kids than a collectible from Upper Deck. This LeBron James signed ball is not for everyone - but you can still get 30 of his rookie season card for less than $20.00!

Click the image to buy this Christmas gift now
Halo 2 from X Box
"Halo 2 is a lot like Halo, only it's Halo on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas," explained Jason Jones, head of Bungie Studios. "And the ninjas are all on fire, too." The much anticipated and wildly popular 'Halo 2' is the most popular 'X Box' game of all time. If your teen has an 'X Box' they'll want 'Halo 2' this Christmas.

Click the image to buy this Christmas gift now!
iPod - The #1 Kids Christmas Gift in 2004
The number one Christmas gift for kids this year! The Apple iPod for Christmas - what could be better? This is the Mini(4GB)version that still holds 1000 songs. Your kid will love it!