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facetus, faceta, facetum
witty, humorous; clever, adept;
ēmungō nxī, nctus, ere,

emunctae naris
to wipe the nose, blow the nose

lutulentus, lutulenta, lutulentum
muddy; turbid; dirty; morally polluted;
moror, morari, moratus sum
devote attention to; delay; stay, stay behind;
capsa, capsae N F
cylindrical case (for books), bookcase; receptacle for things, box, satchel;
as, in as much as;
inlino, inlinere, inlevi, inlitus
smear over; anoint;
gestio, gestire, gestivi, gestitus
be eager, wish passionately; gesticulate, express strong feeling, exult;
idcirco ADV
on that account; therefore;
sermo sermonis
fax, facis N F
torch, firebrand, fire; flame of love; torment;
stomachor, stomachari, stomachatus sum
be angry, boil with rage;
raucus, rauca, raucum ADJ
hoarse; husky; raucous;