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Controllable risk factors for heart diseases

•Angina pectoris

•Heart attack

•Congestive heart failure

Dangers of smoking

•changes in the brain chemistry

•Increased respiration and heart rate.

•Dulled taste buds and reduced appetite.

•Bad beat-in and smelly hair, clothes, and skin.

•Chronic bronchitis


•Lung cancer

•coronary heart disease and stroke.

Leading cause of death in U.S.

•Heart disease and cancer

(no communicable disease)

Essential components of Wellness

•maintaining a healthy weight

•avoiding tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

•abstaining from sexual activity

•managing stress

•being physically active

•eating nutritious foods

Social fitness

•Building self-confidence

•Interacting and cooperating w/others

•helping you manage stress

Controllable risk factors for cardiovascular disease

•Tobacco Use

•High Blood pressure

•High Cholesterol

•Physical Inactivity

•Excess weight


•Drug and alcohol use

Mental fitness

•Reduce stress

•manage anger or frustration

•Improve mood and decrease your risk of depression

•Increasing self confidence


An overall state of well-being, or total health

Skill related components of physical fitness

•cardiorespiratory endurance

•muscular strength

•muscle endurance


•Body composition

Exercise clothing

•Athletic shoes(laced shoes)

•wear socks

•when it's hot outside wear light clothes

•when it's cold outside wear several loose. Fitting layers of clothes

What do you do when exercising in hot weather

•dress lightly

•use sunscreen

•drink water

Rubber Suits

Exercising clothes

Truth about fluid replacements

Medical practice of replenishing bodily fluid lost through sweating, bleeding, fluid shifts or other pathologic processes.

Heat stroke

A condition in which the body loses the ability to rid itself of exercise heat through perspiration

Reason for testing your fitness




Health related components of fitness

improving cardiorespiratory endurance

improving muscular strength and endurance

improving flexibility

improving in maintaining bone strength


The ability to move a body part through a full range of motion.


Capability of doing or accomplishing something


Changing direction at speed


Keeping a balanced healthy triangle

Zig zag run measures?

Back (Definition)

Standing long jump measures?

Leg power

•leg strength

The principals of training




Intensity of exercise

Working your muscles and cardiorespiratory system at an intensity that allows you to reach overload, will help you improve your fitness level.

How to improve cardiovascular fitness


• Cycling



Right side of heart sends blood where


Lower chambers of heart?

•left ventricle

•right ventricle

Upper chambers?


•left atrium

Left side sends blood to?

The left side of the heart receives the oxygen-riel blood from the lungs and pumps it to the body

Benefits of achieving muscular strength and endurance

Helps the body keep blood sugar levels normal and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Tissue that connects bones


Tissue that connects muscle to bone



A strong, flexible, connective tissue

Fast twitch muscle fibers

Are involved in any activity that includes a quick explosive movement of a rapid movement of power

Slow twitch muscle fibers

Slow twitch fibers have slow contraction


Make sex hormone

Concentric and eccentric contraction

1. a common form of muscle contraction that occurs in rhythmic activities when the muscle fibers shorten as tension develops.

2. a type of muscle contraction that occurs as the muscle fibers lengthen, such as when a weight is lowered through a range of motion. The contractile force generated by the muscle is weaker than an opposing force, which causes the muscle to stretch.

How to increase muscular strength

By lifting, pushing or jumping

Isometric exercise

An activity that uses muscle tension to improve muscular strength with little or no movement of the body part.

Ex.: pushing against the wall