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regime (n)
A system or style of government
mendacity (n)
a lie or falsehood
salient (adj)
Particularly noticeable, striking, or relevant
opulent (adj)
Characterized by an obvious or lavish display of wealth and affluence
pugnacious (adj)
Inclined to fight or be aggressive
tarn (n)
A small mountain lake, especially one formed by the action of glaciers
vehement (adj)
Expressed with, or showing conviction or intense feeling
amenity (n)
A useful or attractive feature or service
anomaly (n)
Something that deviates from the norm or from expectations
dubious (adj)
Uncertain about an outcome or conclusion
exhume (v)
To dig up a corpse from a grave
genre (n)
The categories an artistic work can be classified as
complacent (adj)
Self-satisfied, usually in an unreflective way and without being aware of possible dangers
corroborate (v)
To give or represent evidence of the truth of something
dissuade (v)
To persuade somebody not to do something, or not to believe, think, or feel something
gentility (n)
Courteous and well mannered behavior, especially when it suggest an upper class background
festoon (n-v)
(n) – an ornamental chain of flowers, leaves, or ribbons hanging in a loop or curve between two points; (v) – to decorate something with festoons
furtive (adj)
Done in a way that is intended to escape notice
imperative (n-adj)
(n) – something that must be done, a priority; (adj) – absolutely necessary or unavoidable
impinge (v)
To affect the limits of something, especially a right or law