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How would you adapt a massage treatment for a client who had just started her period?
Give her a full body massage omitting abdomen.
Which type of movement is most likely to have a sedative effect on the body?
Which specific movements would you use on a hyperactive client?
How would you perform hacking movements?
With the sides of the hands.
Does epilepsy require medical approval?
Hypertension is a contra indication to massage - what is the common name?
High blood pressure.
What immediate action would you take if your client reacted to the massage medium?
Stop the treatment, remove the medium & place a cool damp compress over the area.
What is lordosis?
Exaggerated inward curvature of the spine.
Which specific massage movement would be most beneficial to relive a tense quadricep muscle?
What type of movement is kneading?
What is the cause of stretch marks?
Loss of elasticity in the subcutaneous layer.
When breaking down toxins where would you drain to?
The nearest lymph node.
What does a medical contra indication mean?
Not treatable unless permission has been gained from a doctor.
What effect does massage have on the urinary system?
Encourages better waste disposal.
How would you proceed on a client with a varicose vein?
Massage above the varicose vein,
What are the effects of friction movements?
Stimulates the nerve tissues.
Why must medical approval gained before a diabetic client can have a massage?
Because they have lower skin sensation.