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The first Hosptital Corps school for Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service was comminssioned where?
Bethesday, MD
When was the Dental Technician rating established?
December 12, 1947
What is the key to sevice with distinction?
Professional ethics
True or False: Soft power was first articulated as a possible military policy in 1911 by President theodore Roosevelt?
The are called sick bay was today was origanally reefered as what?
What was the original rating insignia of the Hospital Corps?
Red Cross
Most of the Navy's medical enlisted trianing was relocated to where?
San Antonio, TX
What percentage of all of the Departmetn of the Navy's Medal of Honor has been earned by Hospital Corpsmen?
Fleet Hospital mission and personnel requirements are set by?
Combat Commander
A warfare qualification signifies?
The HM understands the unit's specific mission
The process that is used to determine the correct subject group under which document should be filed is called?
The Classifying Process
The 5000 series if correspondece relates to what?
General Administration and Management
What does it mean to say the patient is in Class 2 denatl status?
Service Member is deployable
Personnel in what dental classification go to the head of the line for treatment prior to deployment?
Class 3 or 4
What type of directive Regulates policy?
What element of medical feadiness is used to correct individual medical readiness deficiencies?
Periocic Health Assecssment
What specific 3-M system regulates scheduled equipment maintenance?
Planned Maintenance System
The primary mission of the FMF medical battalion is to provide what?
Specialized Surgury
Change Transmittals should be filed with what on top?
Most current change
SAMS is an administrative management tool that trackes what?
Sick Call Log, Potable Water Testing Resultes, Medical Training
Who directs the actions of the Maval Modbile Constrction Battalion when responding to a natural disaster?
Cognisant Authority
What is the length of time a newborn can be treaded without presenting a valid ID card?
60 days
Under what act is it unlawful for the united States military to be used as an enforcer or to assist on the enforcement of ferderal or state law?
Possse Comitatus Act
Who may delay billing on a patient not presentiong with a valid ID consent?
Commanding Officer
What legal doctrine serves as the final authority over and determines the control of substitute consent?
State Law
Who is recommended to act as a witness when the patient is concenting to a medical procedure?
Staff Member not invilvd in the procedure
Where can the HM locate guidance on care evalution, and medico-legal documention for a victim alleged of rape or sexual asssalt?
Where would the HM look to find more information in the area of Medical Treatment Records?
MANMED Chapter 16
What Foreign Military Personnel are not eligibel for care at Naval MTF's?
Foreing military on vacation in the U.S.
The HIPPAA Privacy Act rule allows for diclosure of what informantion?
Protected Health Information
What policy was established to provide a balance between the public and the privacy of an individual?
Privacy Act of 1974
How many days afer recieving treatment does a patient have to present a valid ID card before being billed as a civilian Humantarinan Non-ingrediant?
30 days
Who is obligated to provide the pateint with all the necessary information to make a knowledgeable decision on a proposed medical procedure?
The Medical Provider
Who is authorezed to deliver an Active Duty member to federal law enforcement authorites and based upon what actions?
Commanding Oficer and with a federal warrant
What program is used to evalute the degree of exelance in care deliverd and it results for future improvment?
Quality Assurance
What system was implemented to assist in the projection and allocation of cast for healthcar programs?
On what document would a notaion be made concerning a memberes status as a deserter?
Under what circumstances would a member's health record NOT be closed?
Transfer to a new duty station
What phrase is written in the lowe portion of the patient's indentifiction box retired O-7 and above?
Sequential bitewing radiographs should be filed in what section of the NAVMED 6150/2130?
Inside front cover (part 1)
Entries to the Chronological Record of Medical Care SF 600 when not typewritten shuld be made in what color of ink?
Black or Blue
When a member is hospitalized in a foreign nation and the ship departs port what happens to the health record.
It gets forwared to the nearest US embassy or consulate
Where is the Disclosue Acointing Record located in the NAVMED6150/21-30?
Back and center of page (part III)
Where is the DD 2005 Privacy Act Statement located in the NAVMED 6150/21-30?
Front center of page (part III)
When using the terminal digit filing system how many equal sections are the central files didved into?
The form printed in the inside of the front jacket cover should be completed in what type of writing utensil?
A well known reasearch group request medical information to be as part of the basis of a study it is performing what acton if any should be taken prior to release?
Commandng officer of the MTF should forward the request to BUMED for guidace
What is the maximum time allowed for the retention of loose treatment forms?
1 year
How many digits are included in the Federal Supply Classification?
What is the most common reciept documetn that is encountered?
DD 1348
True or False: The first in, first out method is most imprtant when dealing with items that have a shelf life or expiration code?
The agreement to a contract with a vendor without the appropriate level of authority is also known as what?
An Unauthorized commitement
When a requistion exceeds the current competitive threshold, the HM must receive quotes from how many additional vendors?
A ROD is submitted on what form?
SF 364
When the HM encounters a shipping or packageing discrepency on behalf of the shipper, the HM should submitt what?
a Report of Discrepency
Any item that has an application and appears on APL, SNSL, ISL, or Naval Ship Systems Command is known as what?
A repair part
True or False: the first in the first outmethod is the process of issuing items to the fist person that irrives
What is the uaeal dose of Morphine for an adult patient in severe pain?
True or False: a patient experiencing respiratory difficulty should be forced to lie down in order to ease their beathing and reduce workload on the body
What degree of burns to the skin is charecterized by epidermal blisters, mottled appearance and a red base, Damage extends into but not through the dermis. Recovery usually take 2-3 weeks
2nd degree burns
A patient with a skin assessment of pale and cool and whose blood pressure fropped briefly would be consider to be what type of shock?
What is the acronymused when assessing a patient during a rapid physical exam?
What is the fist step in treating for hypovolemic shock?
Take BSI Precautions
An interuption in artierila blood flow to the brain is best described as what?
Cerbrovascular accicent
What is the most effective way of re-warming a victim of hyperthrmia?
Immersion in a warm tub of water
In case of airway obstruction from severe clotting edema, what procedure may be necessary?
After bleeding has been stopped by a turniquite how is the patient marked?
With a "T" and the time marked on the forehead
Normally, a loss of approximately how much of a person's blood volume will create a lifethreatening condition?
1 liter
What is the most common cause of shock the HM will encounter?
The rule of nines assigns what percentage valeue for burns of the anterior chest and anterior neck?
During patient assessment, the HM notices that the patient seems to have a fruity breath odor, the HM suspects the patient is suffering from what?
If a patient is hypotensive then the systololic blood pressure is below what?
What law deals with Decompression Sickness (DCS)
Henry's Law
What is the method for sorting casualties in a multiple casualty incident (MCI)?
What is the first step in the management plan for care under fire?
Return fire/take cover
The index of suspicion is derived directly from?
Mechanism of injury
A patient in a tatctical setting with an upper airway obstruction and live threatenig bleeding would fall into what category?
True or False: The HM can administer a nebulizer treatment without a medical officer's order?
When cutting sutures, what is the maximum acceptable length for the tails to be?
1/4 inch
When performing a needle decompression, what is the preferred seze of the needle required to adequetly decompress the chest?
14 gauge
What does the acronym AVPU stand for?
Alert, Verbal, Painful, Unresponsive.
What cold injury is a mild cold injury that happens from prolonged exposure in tempatures above freezing to as high as 60 degrees F?
What type of surture material is best usedfor srface closures and caoused very little tissure reaction?
Symptoms of a black widow spider bite may include severe pain, dyspnea, and ...
Abdominal rigidity
What is considered the most common agent in inhalation poisining?
Carbon monoxide
True or False: Withdraw from bariturates is less life threatening than narcotic withdraw?
What should a person suffering from Venomous Fish sting do?
Soak wound in hot water for 30 to 90min.
What is the most common route of exposure to toxic chemicals in the home?
What is the most widely abused drug?
A patient presents with dialated pupils, fever, and dry skin, urinary retenstion, decreased bowel sounds, and increased heart rate. What toxidrome does this set of symptoms suggest?
Antivenin is available to neutralize the effects of what type of coelentrerates?
Sea wasp, or box jellyfish
True or False: When a patient engest an acid or base, treatment is to give a neutralizing agent orally?
True or False: Poisoning is defined as contract with or exposure to at toxic substance?
How many hours after the last dose does narcotic withdraw normally peak?
72 hours
What is the key identifying feature of the North American coral snake the distinguishes it from other snakes with similar markings?
The yellow band is always next to the red band
True or False: Valuable information on the anti venom is found in the package inserts?
Marijuana falls into waht category of drugs?
True or False: Terorists will not use chemical gensts because they are difficult to make?
How long do you wait after giving the first MARK 1 kit before giving another in a patient with moderate symptoms?
10 to 15min
Decontamination for harassment agents genarlly consist of
Washing with baby shampoo