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Where do bats live?
Caves, barnes, & trees
What do bats eat?
Insects & berries
Where did Christopher Colombus start his sail?
The pilgrims thanked the Indians for helping them .
What did they do ?
Had a big feast for them
What are the names of the ships Christoper Colombus came to America on ?
Nina , Pinta , & Santa Maria
Why do you love America?
No specific answer
What are spiders?
What are mountains made of ?
What do you eat at thanksgiving?
turkey, stuffing, Pumpkin pie,Etc.
When do bats hunt?
night time
What color is the American Flag?
Red , White , and Blue
Who taught the pilgrims how to use the land for food?
The pilgrams And Indians were____________.
Who discovered The Americas?
Christopher Colombus
Who declared Thanksgiving a holiday ?
President Abraham Lincon
What is the U.S. Bird?
Bald Eagle
We live in the __________.
United States of America