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3 filebusters in order
phillip nolan --1801
james long
internal threat
sept. 16
father miguel hidalgo y costilla

cry of dolorus-revolution
Plan of iguala
Iturbide and Guerro
*rom catholic, constitutional monarchy, racial equality
**iturbide took over with junta
sp. effects on texas
1. maps
2.1st roads(la bahia)
3. LAWS and GOV
law of april 6
no anglo americans
more soliders(bad poeple)
How do the colonists react to the control england began to inforce
-American Revolution
near gonzales--irish
national col. law 1824
republican and federal
mexican independence b/c upper and lower class joined together against king
Mother of texas
-3 reasons
jane long
-symbol of surviving cold winter in tx 1st settlement
-courage to wait for husband
- gave birth to 1st anglo american child in tx
-might have influeanded tx repulbicc choices b/c entertained men
Old 300
first permanent Anglo-American settlers in Texas
salutary neglect
*2 times and effects
* healthy neglect
*american revolution(british/colonists)

texas revolution--law april 6 1830
how did spanish react to american revolution?
scared b/c 2nd treaty of paris and didnt want ideas to spill into their land.
old 300
-original settlers in texas

a. jane long
b. andrew robinson
c. 3 legged willie
coahuila y texas
2gether in mexico
battle of medina
effect of gut.magee filibuster.
-herndando masacer = effect
santa anna
deposed iturbide and iturbide sent on exile
austin's fist visit to mexico
Mexican Constitution of 1824
these settlers were granted land, allowed to own slaves, and were to be free of taxes for seven years. The only requirements were that they become Mexican citizens, practice the Roman Catholic religion, and secure Texas for the Mexican government
power in gov shared between national and state gov.
what ended american revolution?
1783(20 yrs after 1st)
2nd treaty of paris
What were Rubi's ideas
to withdraw from e-tx missions and go to san antonio to strenghten it.

do french method with indians

abandon tx
england and american colonists relationship b/c F&I War
*what action did they take
after war needed to pay for war and tazed colonies
*how long
30 yrs
us person who arranges events
founder of Anglo-American Texas
Stephen Fuller Austin
what actions did rubi take and how did colonists feel?
abandoned etx and ruined land

colonists were angry
Imperial Col. Law--1823

regulated colonization
*austin only emprasario who continued land grants
filebuster--what type of threwat
people who settle land without proof of ownership
way prisoners were treated--determine own fate with a game of chance
Jean Laffite
occupied Galveston Island and used it as a base for his smuggling and privateering operation
effects of gutierrez/magee
took over nachadochis and la bahia

*magee died at la bahia
Green De Witt
-come and take it 1835
austin's main strength
saw his role as more than land seller and devoted his life to it
austin's power
a;;pwed to colonize on coast
goods for goods

*in austin's 1st colony

free booters/adventurists

--go into another country to take over land

**take over texas and kik out sp. gov
english speaking
citizen army(part time used for emergency)

*austin put 1 together
*american rev.

owner of something

*austin was owner of colony
Ferdonioan Rebellion
effect of edward brothers
vocab: cede
turn over territory to---

*1st treaty of paris
what did the 2nd trety of paris bring about?(3)
2.begin forming new gov.
3. move westward into louisiana
document that proves the person owns a paticular piece of land.
what did james long prove
spanish had no controll of texas

- took over san antonio and la bahia and nachadochits
samule kemper
took magee's place and helped controll san antonio
haden edwards
stirred 1st trouble in texas in nachadoches 1826
people who buy land hoping for the value to rise quickly

*moses austin
boliver penninsula
east of galveston
loc. of la bahia
san antonio
clash of coultures

-rom. cath. -rel. feedom

2.guilty until free untill
prove innocent prov. guilty
NO trial by jury--trial by
how did hte outcome of the French and indian war affect spanish texas?

1. changed spanish policy
--more interested in america
2. french no longer a threat
to spanish
3. british/us threatning

businesspoeple who brought settlers into texas
step down from power
james long

- why/what treaty?
adams-onis treaty

*american settlers mad
loc of neut. ground
sabine to red/ohio river to pacific
seat in government
miery de teran
recomendations b/c ferdonion rebellion lead to law of april 6 1830
1st treaty of paris

*england got all land ____ of the _____ river and_____ along with _____

*spain got all land___ of the ___river and ____
england: east of the mississip, canada, florida

spain: west of the mississippi, new orleans
official order
Efects of 1st treaty of paris
1.____ lost ___ and today ___is an ___ speaking place.
french lost north america and today america is an english speaking place.
4 reasons sp. rule failed
1. no gold or silver--didnt try as hard like with the incas
2. no try to colonize it--people didnt move into n-tx
3. hostil indians-diversity of indians and didnt know how to deal with htem
4. no threat to texas by diff. nation-- no soliders /poele to guard it
jean lafitte
french pirate who would not help long
spanish rule
-how long
300 years
external and internal threats
1. hidalgo/upper and lower class
2. filibuster
6 April 1830--
Relations between the Texans and Mexico reached a new low when Mexico forbid further emigration into Texas by settlers from the United States.
meaning not belonging to either side
What 4 causes effected in the american revolution?
1. french and indian war--english tighten up on taxes
2. mercantilism-not working for england
3. navagation acts- laws that cont. american colonist's trade (benefit england)
4. right to self- government(tax themselves)
reasons stephen f austin better for the job
1. practical and patient making expierence
3.judge at transylavania collage
vocab : provisions
what the treaty did or said
What solved the French and indian war
1st treaty of paris
someone who colonizes sp. land--contractor for texas
describe spanish response to gut./magee filibuster and its fffect on TX
-mad and hernando punished/masacered many people
-lowered population
-moses austin have troble w/ settlements
internal threat
sept. 16
father miguel hidalgo y costilla

cry of dolorus-revolution
*1st effort of mex. independ(failed)
why did spanish want colonists
grow crops--profit
make a strong n-frontier
govenor martinez
-1821 (same time as what)
same time as james long

- said no to austin
edge of settlement
panic of 1819
caused moses austin to lose family money as a speculator and move to texas
people who come into a country in ourder to settle there
baren de bastro
not a bastro but got martinez to agree

mexican texan

*erasmo seguin
exports greater than import

-english tight w/ money b/c F&I war
constitutional monarchy

gov. must follow some written law

*plan of iguala
The Constitution of 1824
-failed to do what
gave Mexico a republican form of government. It failed, however, to define the rights of the states within the republic, including Texas.
8 August 1812 _____- crossed the_____river from ____ in a rebel movement against sp. rule in TX
About 130-men strong, the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition crossed the Sabine from Louisiana in a rebel movement against Spanish rule in Texas
functions of emprasario
1. select land
2. advertise
3.choose TYPE of settlers
4.survey land
3. SPOE SPANISh b/c settlers didnt know it
5.took charge of colonies-ran settlkers
kicked out of power
absolute monarchy
absolute power
in result of the french and indian war loisiana was ____to spain
ceded--given over to
The ___ viceroy led the ___ to kill off many people--population.
spanish(HERNANDO) led thespanish to kill the off many poeple
law making body
boat austin ordered to bring supplies at colorado river (went to brazos)

*reason why austin went to san antonio b/c supplies

January 1823
-- Stephen F. Austin received a grant from the Mexican government and began colonization in the region of the Brazos River.
gov. w/ elected officials

*mex. constitution 1824 --national
plan of government
austins colonies
1. 1822 between brazos and colorado river (e-tx/gulf coast)

millitary men who lead after a revolution and follow a leader as congress

*plan of iguala (followed iturbide)
overthrow government